The Beginning after The End


I'm Finished. About two hours ago I turned in my final Master's Report to complete the degree I've been working on for the past 2.5 years. It feels great, although it hasn't really sunk in yet. Thanks to everyone who has kept us in your prayers throughout this time. Meg and I recently realized that since we've been married about 4.5 years, I've been in school for more than half our marriage! (And prior to that was studying for a couple of other tests...).

And, of course, a special thanks goes to Meg. Over the past two years, her encouragement and sacrifice have contributed more to the completion of my degree than she will ever comprehend. Thank you, Meggie, for making this journey possible and for seeing it through to the end withme.

For the curious, you can see my project online at The important stuff is on the Downloads tab.


[this is good] Congratulations Matt, you did it and you did it well. And you're right about the indescribable support from your Meggie.

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