What makes a good blog?

Ready, set, blog!

Only 3 days ago did I consider blogging.  My husband, Matt, has wanted to blog for the past 9 months, and my reaction when he told me that 9 months ago was, "Eww, that would take too much of your time."  And before you think that I'm such a bad wife to discourage such a thing, he hasn't done it because he really hasn't had the time. 

However, the idea snuck up on me 3 days ago, out of the blue.  And when I get an idea in my head, I do it. I don't want to wait. I get pumped about it and take off with it.  Three days ago, I thought it might be a fun idea to create a blog.  Twenty-four hours ago, I made up my mind to do it.  Twenty hours ago, I convinced Matt that we should create a blog together.  Sixteen hours ago, we came up with a title.  And here I am now:  composing my first message!

I'm not quite sure what changed my mind about blogging, or why I got so excited about it.  Maybe it's because a few of our friends have blogs and I enjoy reading their posts.  Maybe it's because it's a creative outlet.  Maybe because it's something new and I thrive on variety.  Or maybe I just wanted another way to document parts of our lives.  All I know is that I'm so excited about starting to blog!  Last night after getting the blog set up and picking a title, I slept like a little girl the night before Christmas!  Every few hours, I'd wake up with the tingling anticipation in my stomach, just like a little child waiting to see what Santa brought her for Christmas.

So welcome to this new blog journey of ours!  I personally hope it somehow is, at times, insightful, funny, inspirational, and moving.  Happy blogging!


[this is good] Running the risky of being cheesy, I had to be the first to comment on her first blog :)

That's my wife!

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