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The Beginning after The End

What makes a good blog?

Since my first composition, my mind has been full of ideas about what to write about.  But then I dismiss those ideas because they either: sound boring and potentially uninteresting to readers; I'm a bit afraid of what other people would think about what I was writing; or I felt a significant lack of knowledge to write about the idea well.  So then I got to wondering, "What actually makes a blog good?"  When someone says, "Oh, that person has a cool blog", what is it about that blog that's cool?  That strikes interest?  That makes the person keep coming back to read the blog?  Any suggestions or thoughts?  Personally, I like seeing pictures in a blog and reading about family updates.  I also like seeing what books the person recommends.  But what about you?  What will keep you clicking regularly on the "Ink Pots" bookmark?  


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