There is a lady in our church who has a brain tumor.  I have never met her, but I hope to one day.  She and her husband have four young children.  She's had brain surgery to remove most of the tumor, but still needs to start radiation which will start in a week or so.  I've followed their story through email updates that get passed along to the church staff.  I am encouraged and amazed by their outlook on the situation.  I sit humbled as I read the latest email that was sent out, reminded of things that truly matter, and thankful that I believe in a God who has a GOOD purpose for everything.  Let me share with the latest words of this husband who is walking with his wife through her cancer:

It truly isn't ours to ask "why", but sometime the answers start to become clear. Why do less than 100 people out of 100,000 get brain tumors, but there are three parents in our fifth grade class with them....this year? Why are there other parents and teachers with cancer in this little school of 400 kids. Why did our neighbor, friend and healthy jazzersize instructor (one person) get diagnosed with breast cancer this week? Why? Because we are humans and that is what happens to us. Simple answer, but still why us, why so many close to us? 

There is purpose in all of this.  It has become clear in the letters, the hugs, the conversations and the emails. Our lives are effecting so many other lives. Parents are taking time with their kids, spouses are appreciating each other more, people are thankful for what they have, folks are closer to their God and Savior. Communities have gotten closer. Most of all our family has grown in so many ways. We are happy, humbled and content. I don't like the means it took to get us here, but our family is stronger and better than ever before. Each of us has matured in our own ways.

Keep those cards and letters and hugs coming, it lets us know that we are not in this alone and that you are growing with us.

Stay tuned for the next adventure.


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