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It's been three months since my friend and college roommate, Becca, passed away in a car accident. With her husband, Tom, going from critical condition to taking slow, but amazing and miraculous steps in his recovery, he has now been able to start planning Becca's memorial service. Becca's service will be this Saturday, September 22nd. I leave for Upland, CA tomorrow afternoon.

Tom and Becca's little girl, McKayla, turns 2 next week and is still living with Becca's parents. Tom's parents, from Pennsylvania, have been in California for the past three months and will remain there until Tom is able to move around on his own; right now he's still very limited in his mobility. And of course, the healing process with the deaths of Becca and the other three kids in the youth group is gradual and continuous. Please keep Tom, McKayla and their respective families in your prayers.

While in CA, I am staying with Lindsey, one of my house mates in Country House our senior year at Wheaton. And Michelle, my roommate with Becca our sophomore year (we lived in a triple) and another senior-year house mate, will join us on Saturday. It will be wonderful to catch up with these dear friends; difficult to grieve the loss of our beloved Becca; special to celebrate her life. I read today that the flags in Upland have been at half-mast since the accident and will remain at half-mast until the conclusion of Becca's service. Her death has impacted many, her witness of Jesus Christ even more. Below is a slide show of Becca, from our sophomore year to this past June at her graduation from Fuller Seminary. May Becca be honored on Saturday and our Lord glorified above all.


[this is good] I wish you peace and a heart full of wonderful memories of Becca. Your slide show made me cry. I can't imagine how difficult this all must be for you, her, and family.



I joined VOX as a means of expressing my pride in your wonderful BLOG. Somehow the word friends was deleted from my previous reply...her friends and family.

love you and miss you Becca,



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