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Will the Travel Bug be Tamed?

In addition to a love for chocolate, my grandmother, Gaga, instilled in me a love to travel!  Since I was young, every few months I have a significant urge to travel, preferably by plane at least a few hundred miles away from my place of residence.  Most of the time, I long to travel internationally, but anywhere that intrigues me State-side will suffice.  Matt sometimes wonders what he's going to do with me because I eagerly want to explore the world, and unfortunately, this usually requires some pretty pennies (that sometimes he thinks that I think grow on trees).   Ironically, I am very much a homebody, but sometimes the travel bug takes over.  Maybe, just maybe, my fall travel schedule will tame the bug in me for a little while.  Here is my fall travel schedule, in what feels like a concise list, but means I will literally be all over the place:

September 20-23:  Pasadena, CA for Becca's memorial service
September 28-30:  New York, NY for my future sister-in-law's, Julie's, bachlorette weekend
October 12-13:  San Antonio, TX visiting my mom for some girl time and preparation before my brother's big day
October 18-21:  Charlotte, NC for Mac and Julie's wedding day (YEAH!!)
November 3-14: Half way across the world in a South Asian country
November 15-20:  Birmingham, England

Despite the craziness of that travel schedule, I can guarantee you that my travel bug will be itchin' me by January!


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