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While perusing through World Market today for the first time, I came across their food and wine aisles that have an assortment of worldwide cuisines, cookies, snacks, and other specialty items.  What intended to be a five minute gift shopping errand, turned into a lengthy 30-40 minute session of "ooing and awwing" over the global selection.  Once I saw the Cadbury chocolates, I was instantly reminded of my first delectable bite ten and a half years ago while I was in Australia.  And then, as the chocolate-holic that I am, I instantly wondered if somehow, miraculously, World Market carried Australia's infamous Tim Tam cookie. 

Over the past ten and a half years, I have raved about this cookie, searching every culinary specialty store I visited to see if they carried this magical cookie.  This isn't just any cookie, it's a mouthwatering experience, a taste bud extravaganza!  You see, there is the Tim Tam, and then there is the Tim Tam Slam, which is the main form of Tea Sucking, which involves drinking a hot beverage (such as tea) by sucking it through the Tim Tam cookie. It involves biting off opposing corners of the biscuit (aka "cookie"), and then using it as a straw of sorts to suck up the hot beverage. Just before the biscuit falls apart, it is shoved into the mouth.  This is a beautiful Australian custom, if I may say so.  There have been many a Tim Tam slams attempted (and delightfully accomplished) during my three months in Australia!  I was a good girl and didn't buy any, despite the amazing discovery that this was, but one day, I can guarantee that there will be some Tim Tam Slammin' in this household!


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