Eight Days Before Saying, "I Do"
Reflections on Mac and Julie's Wedding Weekend

Blogging about blogging...

Well, I guess I've been a bit of a bum when it has come to blogging over the past several months.  Not that we're keeping score, but when I look at the numbers, Meg has out-blogged me 44-7, so I've pretty much given up on ever catching up.  I guess we know who the writer of the family is!  I do still want this blog to show evidence that I am in fact alive, so hopefully I will be able to pick up the frequency a bit more.

As I think about blogging more, it is interesting to think about the organic life of a blog and how (in some ways at least) the audience gets to choose the content.  If a blog about insects suddenly started blogging about Alaskan sports, readers would probably be upset and there would be great outcry and protests.  So, hopefully, as Meg has established a great rhythm of content that has captured your interest for the past 6 months, my posts won't drive you away like a kayaking polar bear chasing a gypsy moth!  And remember, there is no need to panic, since for every blog I write, you'll get to read six more of Meg's!


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