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Christmas Decorating with My Mom...Priceless

Last weekend, my momma gave me my first Christmas present of the season:  sharing her gift of decorating with me. This Christmas will be the first in our home, and we have the privilege of hosting my family as well.   While Matt did an amazing job putting up Christmas lights outside, my mom and I worked on the inside.  One of her many talents, which I take any opportunity to personally benefit from, is interior decorating.  Christmas decorating is even more of a creative outlet for her. 

As she rummaged through all the decorations, it's amazing how she spatially envisioned where to place everything.  I watched, deeply hoping that one day I will be able to do what she does, so artistically.  Oh, how I hope!  We have everything ready except for the Christmas tree, which we will get in about a week. 

It's so beautiful!  Each time I walk around the house, turn on all the lights, and look at the precious touch of my mom all around me, I am like a giddy little girl with excitement flowing through my veins.  Excitement and appreciation.  I am so thankful that my momma came, despite being tired and having lots of other things to do, to spend time with me and help me make our home have special touches of Christmas. 

The only way I can replicate what my mommy did for future Christmases is to take pictures which I will studiously review when the time comes.  So I'll share a few with you now to enjoy.  And a most special thank you goes out to my momma; I couldn't have done it without her, and our time together last Saturday was truly priceless!


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