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Just one week ago, Matt and I were anticipating our precious family's arrival; Molly was constantly peering out the window waiting for all the activity to commence; and the house was decorated for Christmas from top to bottom. Now three days after Christmas, the house feels empty with our family gone and all the Christmas decorations packed away until next year. It was quite a special Christmas with all six of us gathered together! We had, what felt like, a perfect blend of rest and activity, getting out and enjoying Austin's "Trail of Lights", Whole Foods' "Skating on the Plaza", and of course, playing multiple games of "Settlers of Catan". But we also were able to sleep in and stay in our PJs for most of the day drinking hot cider and hot chocolate. Julie makes one good cup of peppermint hot chocolate! She even puts whip cream and chocolate shivers on top!

It was an honor to host Christmas this year, and I would host again in a heart-beat. It was a delight to have everyone in our home. It does, however, make my appreciation for our parents deepen for all they've done to make Christmas pasts so special, down to every little detail. It's a lot of work, but very fulfilling!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Here are some pictures of our memorable Christmas:


What a wonderful celebration you all shared together!  So neat to go ice skating.  Have you ice skated much before, Meg?  We used to skate a lot when we lived in Canada--lots of ice there!

Oh, yes, ice skating.  No, I haven't done that very much!  We would ice skate off and on growing up, but it's been years since I've been in ice skates; and these at Whole Foods were most uncomfortable!  I also looked like I hadn't been ice skating in a long time--I was up against the wall a lot!

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