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Round Table Discussion

Last night we went over to our longtime friends' home for some of Pete's amazing homemade pizza and what turned out to be quite a nostalgic and invigorating round table discussion.  We've known Pete and Jackie since our Wheaton College days:  Matt and Pete were roommates during college; Jackie graciously included me as one of the girls when I transferred to Wheaton; we were in each other's weddings; and Matt and I have had the privilege of watching their two little girls, Olivia and Sophie, grow up before our eyes...and too quickly I might add as they're about to turn 6 and 4!  We love it that this family is in Austin!  Despite how our get-togethers are sadly sometimes too far in between, it is quite comforting and uniquely special to know that these dear friends have and understand a history with us from some of the most formative, fun, and memorable times of our lives!

Along with Molly, because the girls adore her, we went over and spent some time with the girls before tucking them in bed and then getting some grown-up time.  Sophie made the three of us (yes, Molly included) some pictures that we now have hanging on our fridge, and they had fun taking turns leading Molly around the house on her leash.  Of course, Molly soaks up as much attention as she can get, especially from little people!  After Jackie and I read to the girls and tucked them in bed, the four of us chowed down on Pete's pizza!  My excuse for downing four wonderful slices of Pete's pizza is that I haven't had his pizza, despite my ongoing cravings for it, in over a year and a half!  So I was due, boy was I due.  And I enjoyed every single bite of it, along with the plate of greens Jackie gave me, of course. 

For nearly 3 hours, the 4 of us had wonderful dialogue that reminded us of the hundreds of conversations we'd have at Wheaton; in that regard, it was quite a nostalgic evening. The topics of last night's round table discussion ranged from church history, theology, various international forms of worship, the absolutes of Christian doctrine, and church structure.  We also talked about discerning what forms of worship we are familiar with that are based on American culture and values rather than solely biblical principals.  Like I said, it was invigorating and refreshing!  We are grateful for the experiences we had at Wheaton, the things we were able to be exposed to and learn, and the people we met at Wheaton, whom we highly respect and who are our brothers and sisters in Christ.  They helped us see and appreciate the breadth, depth and variety of the Body of Christ around the world!

Pete, Jackie and Matt are night-owls, but come 11 p.m., I was ready for bed, and so was Molly!  As we drove home, Matt and I both yapped away in excitement over our conversations and the bond of friendship we have with Pete and Jackie.  We hope to have have hearts continually willing to learn, to be in dialogue with others, and have these round table discussions more often.



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