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The Confession of a (Bad) Puppy Mommy

000_0339000_0063At a water break, barking at me to keep going
I absolutely love Molly to pieces, and sometimes I think I love her too much.  But she is my baby, a special little puppy that my brother gave me 4 years ago.  I did something bad, however, and it was like deja vu because I did the same thing about 18 years ago with my little lop-eared bunny, Precious. 

Saturday night, it was already dark but the Christmas lights Matt wonderfully put on our home earlier in the afternoon were bright enough for me to work outside planting flowers in some hanging baskets while my mom was working on the garland for our front door.  Molly was with us, so calm and ladylike, laying in the grass with her paws crossed, enjoying the cool weather and being one of the privileged dogs out front (my mom's two dogs were still inside).  Knowing that it's bad for her,  we consistently try to stop her, but every now and then she sneaks in an acorn that has fallen from our oak tree--just one more reason for her delight in being outside.

My mom finished the gorgeous garland that now lights up our front porch and went inside while I focused on my hanging baskets and watering plants.  Molly roamed our front yard and ventured to the front door, which I thought was open.  Apparently not.  I closed up shop and went inside to help my mom finish our Christmas decorating.  Fifteen minutes later, after chatting away with my mom, I noticed a furry, black creature walking towards our front door.  As this sweet thing approached the door, she started pawing at it, beckoning to be let inside.  I had completely lost track of my little Molly and left her out front; I had no idea I left her out there!  Who knows what she was up to, likely munching away on a few acorns, sniffing the cool night's breeze, and waiting patiently for my return...or taking it upon herself to walk around the block. Upon opening the door, she ran through the entry way with her tail wagging, so excited to be let in, yet seemingly unaware of my blunder.  And as always, she was totally accepting of me, ready to receive my love and give it right back.  Oh, the awful things that could have happened to a precious black dog so late at night.  Dear one, forgive this crazy puppy mommy of yours!  Thankfully, she's now laying all curled up on her cozy bed, ready to dream of chasing squirrels.


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