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It's Official: I'm a Full-time Puppy Mommy

Well, today was my last on staff as the Operations Support Specialist at First Evangelical Free Church after 5 1/2 wonderful years.  Last night, I cried a lot as I wrote cards to my bosses, both of whom gave me a wing-span to take off and fly in my job, and for which I am most ever grateful.  I truly loved my job.  Forgive me, but I am at a loss for words right now to express my gratitude to both the staff and the Lord for these past 5 1/2 years.  I started before Matt and I were even engaged and can count the number of people on my two hands (barely) who have been there longer than I, out of a staff of 50; I've seen lots of people come and go.  And now it's my turn.  And what a very bitter-sweet turn it is.  I will truly miss the role and people that have become precious and priceless to me, that have been a part of my life in a very significant and meaningful way.

On a lighter note, I have joked with Matt since adopting Molly from my brother, Mac, 4 years ago, that all I wanted to be was a "puppy mommy".  So in a comical way, this day is also a dream come true:  I am officially a full-time puppy mommy!  So to commemorate this special occasion, I decided to include something creative in this blog:  a video of my official announcement!  Now you must understand, I truly do not like being videotaped and hope to never own a video camera (I know, I'm weird), but I'm doing it for you all, our readers, to give you something really interesting today.  And hopefully, you'll find it as funny as we do.  Below you'll find four attempts to make this public announcement, and they should be considered more outtakes than anything else, except for the last one, which is what I was originally aiming for, but also the most normal (and boring).  So hopefully they'll make you laugh:


I so much loved hearing the laughter.....

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