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Snapshots from a 30th Birthday Celebration


Here are some questions and answers from my posts earlier this week:

Was he (Matt) as tall as a baby?  I cant tell from this pic. :)
Matt, the eldest of 3 children, was the smallest of the 3 at birth, weighing 6 lb. 10 oz. and 19 inches long.  I don't know anything about babies, but according to babycenter.com, the average fetal length at 40 weeks is 20.16 inches, so he was smaller than average.  But even as a young child, Matt remembers being one of the tallest in his classes.  His biggest growth spurt, that he remembers, was in middle school; by the time he reached high school, he was 6 feet.  He's held steady at 6'5" since his senior year in high school.  As he told his mom over his birthday weekend last week, after she said he should eat more because he's a "growing boy", he replied (wisely I may add), "I'm not growing any more in height, so if I'm a 'growing boy', the only way I'm growing is sideways!"  grin

We are anxiously waiting to hear who won the game!  Any 3 pointers?  Love the name!
While our readers may be anxiously waiting to know who won, Matt and the Super Ball Hog Ninjas certainly aren't in a hurry for me to post anything about their game, yet I will do it anyway.  We should have known it wasn't going to go well when 1) one of the guys forgot his jersey to which his girlfriend had to run it by; 2) Matt realized he forgot his contacts so I had to scurry home to get them (Molly was one confused puppy when I came running through the house, yelling, "Our Ninja forgot his contacts!", and then was out the door 10 seconds later--I'm sure she thought I was a mad woman); 3)  some of the players just met each other for the first time 10 minutes before game time; and 4) one of the players, a close friend, proudly admitted to downing a bunch of chicken wings right before the game.  Sadly, our Super Ball Hog Ninjas didn't do as well as they hoped.  Matt made one 3-pointer and it was quite fun to see him play; they were all trying so hard!  It was quite obvious though that the other team, the NI Eagles, had played together for a long time...they were in the groove!  The final score was 67 to 22 (if I remember correctly).  Very sad.  The Ninjas recognized the need for some good old fashioned practice and game strategy, so they're off to the courts this afternoon to do just that.  Their next game is February 6th.  Keep cheering for our Super Ball Hog Ninjas!


This was a super birthday weekend Meg had planned--we were so happy to be a part of the fun & scrumptious food!  Thanks Meg!  Matt will have to come up with a winner for you ,too!  

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