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Snapshots from a 30th Birthday Celebration

Even after one week of being 30, Matt says, "He's lovin' it!"� That gives us 20-somethings something to look forward to, I guess.� But I must say, he had one fine first week of being 30, and some great days leading up to the big milestone.� Here's a glimpse of how we celebrated:

Thanks to Ed, Ruth, Kim, Melissa, and my parents for all they did to make Matt's birthday special!� It was wonderful to celebrate with our two families, and hard to see each of them leave.� We greatly missed Tom, Mackie and Julie!� I will confess that I didn't tell Matt about the leftovers we had of his birthday ice cream pie that my mom made for him...he never asked, so I never reminded him that he had leftovers.� Well, I was sooo close in getting away with it until Matt found out yesterday that he had only one piece of ice cream pie left, and I will not disclose how much of it I had already eaten!� And a Happy Birthday to Mackie...he turns 27 tomorrow!!


Thank you, Meg, for an amazing 30th birthday!  I wouldn't change a thing!  You sure have set the bar high for when it's your turn...I sure am lucky I have over a year of planning in order to prepare!  With a wife like you, I'm already looking forward to # 40!!

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