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The Big 3-0...Happy Birthday Week, My Love!

While each birthday is a worthy celebration and very momentous, the older we get it seems that the larger, milestone birthdays get few and far between.  It all starts at age 10, the first double-digit birthday; then 13; 16; 18; 21; and even 25 are all significant.  After that, it seems that only the decade birthdays are a big deal, such as it is this year for my dear husband.  On Saturday the 19th, he will turn 30, a likely "Best Milestone of 2008". 


In my family growing up, our birthdays were week long celebrations.  My mom, even to this day, starts to sing "Happy Birthday" to me the week before the big day, and my dad sends me e-cards throughout the week.  Matt learned quickly in our marriage that he needed to make birthdays not just a big deal, but a week long big least (and he does a great job!)  Therefore, I want to usher in his own grand celebration, just a week and a day away, by  sharing a few things, appropriate for public display, about my husband that make my heart go pitter-patter.


  1. He can never tell me, "I love you" enough during the day. 
  2. Believe it or not, he lets me pin him down for tickle sessions, despite it being tortuous to him; he just knows I love it so.
  3. He spontaneously wants to dance with me, both around the house and out on the town.
  4. He is a snuggle bug.
  5. He loves Molly deep down.  Even though it's like pulling teeth to get him to admit how much he loves her, she truly is his basketball buddy; prays with him on their walks in the morning; and he delights in her exceedingly joyful and playful greetings when he gets home.
  6. He makes occasional runs to CVS Pharmacy down the street and brings me home Blue Bell mint chocolate chip ice cream (the best ever!).  Even when he gets it mixed up with icky pistachio, he goes back to the store immediately and exchanges it.
  7. When it's his turn to make the bed, he makes it a unique and creative way (i.e. building a throne of pillows that my stuffed Molly sits upon).
  8. In the morning before I leave for work, he sometimes dips me for a kiss, or he walks out front with Molly to wave me "goodbye".
  9. Each year he remembers the anniversary date of when I started working at FEFC and plans a date to celebrate.
  10. While feeding Molly each morning, he makes her sit still and wait for her breakfast while he runs around her in circles holding her food.  "Let's go" are the words he uses to give Molly permission to eat.  It may be a solid 30-60 seconds before that dog tastes her food, but Matt prides himself on how he's trained her to wait, and he gets a kick at how hysterical she gets over his running circles around her.
  11. He is a wonderful helper around the house when times get busy and I can't do everything.
  12. Speaking of chores, he has the longest arms that are perfect for folding king-sized sheets, which he does for me weekly!
  13. He opens the car door for me every time I get in, even after being married for 5 years!
  14. He has the most calm, even-keeled temperament; he's "quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry" (James 1:18-20) .  His laid-back quality is just the thing the Lord knew I needed!
  15. He kindly laughs when I spoil surprises.  I get so excited about surprising him, like about the ideas I've had for his birthday, but I also just can't contain it and over a period of time and I slip…again and again. 
  16. Through Matt, I've learned the importance and meaning of servant leadership as he exemplifies this daily to me.  This could take a whole separate blog to explain this further, which I may save for later time, but to put it another way, Matt loves me "like Christ loves the church" (Ephesians 5:25).
  17. He gives the best back rubs…and praise be to God, I get them regularly!
  18. He can twirl a basketball on one finger like the Harlem Globetrotters…it's pretty cool.
  19. He makes a mouth-watering grilled cheese, grilled to perfection!
  20. He's a kid at heart, which means he can also relate to little ones really well.  It's so fun watching him love on small friends of ours...he definitely makes up for what I lack in this area!
  21. He faithfully tackles the honey-do lists I give him.
  22. He doesn't complain, never speaks a harsh word about anyone, and thinks the best of people, always giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  23. He is just as grateful and happy to eat a filet mignon as he is 2 day-old leftovers…there's not a picky bone in his body!
  24. After discovering our pastor's new sermon series at church was entitled, "Transformed Lives", he expresses to me that it would have been really awesome if our pastor had named it "Transformers", after the cartoon!
  25. Right after I spilled an entire can of black beans (that fortunately had already been rinsed!), he dropped everything to come help me pick them up…and on top of that, he knew that we needed to not just pick them up, but mop up!!
  26. He is the most patient person I know!
  27. He actively thinks about other people:  stopping by our neighbors' to say 'hi'; offering to wait for my parents at church to show them where we're sitting; knocking on someone's door to tell them their car lights are on…it just flows out of him so naturally, so effortlessly.
  28. He can't go to sleep when we're mad at each other, he has to resolve any issue or it just eats him alive.
  29. He'll climb a 25 ft. ladder to take down blinds on a window and clean it for me, even though heights make him nervous.
  30. He constantly tells me, "We're a team; we'll get through anything together".  He not only knows what commitment is, he acts it out on a daily basis.


And one to grow on…


  1. He gracefully embraces growing older, standing by the true adage that it is an honor to have grey, aka "wisdom" hairs.

Happy 30th Birthday week, dear husband!


"Where 2 are more agree...." and we agree with a resounding YES, that Matt is the most wonderful, incredible husband! (and you, a precious wife) Happy Birthday, dear Matt! With Love

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