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Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt

100th Post=Blog Contest

I don't know how I lost track, but it seems that my post Things That I Love, That Make My Soul Glad, written on the 15th of February, was an Ink Pots milestone:  it was our 100th blog post!  Originally, I planned to do something commemorative for my personal 100th post, as opposed to a combined post total between me and Matt, but that would be too hard to keep track of because of how our tags work, and I gotta emphasize the team part of this duo blog as much as possible to keep Matt writing (another thing, by the way, that makes my soul glad)!  So in celebration of our 100th blog post, we are going to have a contest for our beloved readers!

At noon (CST) on Thursday the 21st, we will post the Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt, and the first person to answer all of the questions correctly will win their choice of a $30 gift certificate to either 1)  2) Netflix or 3) Outback.  The contest will close at midnight (CST) on Sunday the 24th.  The questions will be about the content of any of our 100 posts.  You may immediately remember the answer from reading the post, or you may have to hunt for the answer within the posts that are archived by date (you can find them in the left-side column on our homepage:  Here are some examples of the types of questions that may be asked:

1.  What was was the 24th thing Meghan listed that she loved, that made her soul glad? 
What character in Lord of the Rings does Meg wish she could be more like? 
How many points did Matt's basketball team score their first game? 

There will be ten questions total, with one bonus question.  You can answer the questions by posting a comment on the post that will be called Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt, which will appear at noon (CST) on the 21st.  Just list the question number with your answer (using the questions above as an example:  1.  a new email in her inbox   2.  Eowyn  3.  22). 

You can post a comment two ways.  The first way is through our main homepage (  If you're the first person to leave a comment, there will be a link that says "Post a Comment" underneath the post title, or if a comment has already been made, you can still click on that same comment link even if it says "1 comment".  Clicking on the little comment icon underneath the title will always take you to a page you can leave a comment on.  The second way to leave a comment is to actually click on the title of the blog entry, in this case Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt, and it will bring up the post as well as provide a place at the bottom of the screen to post your comment.

At this time, Vox does not allow anonymous comments, so to leave a comment, it will require you to create a Vox account.  To save time, this is something you can do between now and Thursday.  Click here to register.  It's quite painless, and that way, you have an account already set up for any future comments you'd like to make.  Hopefully the contest prize is worth it, too!  If you have any questions, you can either email us or post your question in a comment. 

See you back here on Thursday at noon (CST) and happy scavenging! 


How exciting!  We are ready to play!  Ruth

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