Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt
Third Sunday in Lent

And the Winner Is...

Since we haven't had any additional answers submitted to our Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt in more than 24 hours, we thought we should go ahead and reveal the anticipated results from our blog contest.  So without further ado, a big congratulations goes to  Ruth Scully

She was the first one who turned in all of the answers correctly, and is the recipient of a $30 gift certificate to Outback, which will be a nice little date for she and Ed, assuming Ed is the person she will invite.  <grin>

Here are the questions and answers, along with the archived post where they were found:


  1. What role did Meg play in the karaoke contest during staff fun day?
  2. What is the game that Meg's dad invented that the two of them would play when Meg was little?
  3. As Matt grows older, what is it that he doesn't mind having?
  4. There is a painting in Charleston found on the corner of a building of a little fellow made all out of what?
  5. What was the one esoteric item Matt searched for at H.E.B. that left him thankful he had a cell phone?
  6. What was in the extraordinary brown box that held a much anticipated treasure?
  7. How many total miles did Meg travel from September-November?
  8. What was the title of the blog that Matt linked to when he referenced a blog about insects?
  9. What title did Matt wish our pastor named his new sermon series?
  10. What is the name of the mathematical property that best describes our household?
  1. Cage girl, or Go-Go Girl (August 2007:  "Staff Fun Day")
  2. "penny for a question" (July 2007:  "Happy Birthday, Daddy!")
  3. Grey hair, or wisdom hair (January 2008:  The Big 3-0...Happy Birthday Week, My Love!")
  4. Hats (June 2007:  "Carolina Road Trip Days 7&8")
  5. Reese's Wild Rice (July 2007:  Husbands grocery shopping without a cell phone")
  6. The Office, Season 3  (September 2007:  "Less than 48 Hours To Go...")
  7. 24700 (21k + 3700)  (October 2007:  "World Travels and Contextualization")
  8. Bug Girl's Blog (October 2007:  "Blogging About Blogging...")
  9. Transformers (January 2008:  "A Good Ol' Fashioned Sunday")
  10. Transitive property of Inequality (July 2007:  "Our Household:  A Transitive Property of Inequality")
Questions 7&8 were a little tricky.   For question #7, you had to read the blog rather carefully to discover that there were two sets of miles that needed to be added together to get the total number of miles Meg flew from September-November.  And question #8 asked for the the title of the blog that Matt linked to when he referenced a blog about insects.  So participants needed to click on the link of the underlined words "blog about insects" to find out that the blog title he linked to was called "Bug Girl's Blog". 

My most favorite answer that made me bust out laughing was submitted by my friend, Hillary, to the question "As Matt grows older, what is it that he doesn't mind having?".  In addition to the correct answer of wisdom (grey) hairs, she also put "or being able to eat all the ice cream pie leftovers himself", which Matt would wholeheartedly agree with!  Knowing me though, his chances of this happening are slim to none.

We also received some great answers to the bonus question,  "If you could choose anything for Matt and Meg to blog about next, what would it be?"  So we'll work on those; stay tuned.

Thank you to all who participated!  We had a great time putting the contest together and hope our readers enjoyed it as well.  We appreciate you all!  For little Julie, we will make more blog contests just for you!

Congratulations, Ruth! 


I'm very excited about this & look forward to my nite out with Ed! A big thanks to Meg for hosting the contest & I promise to sit out the next time & cheer others on (maybe Julie, Kim or Melissa?)

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