100th Post=Blog Contest
And the Winner Is...

Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Ink Pots Scavenger Hunt in celebration of our 100th blog post!  To read how the game works, the rules, and how to submit answers, click here.  The first person to answer all of the questions correctly wins!  And he/she will have a choice of a $30 gift card to either 1)  Amazon.com  2)  Netflix or 3) Outback.  The game will close at midnight on Sunday the 24th, and the winner announced later that day.  Have fun!


  1. What role did Meg play in the karaoke contest during staff fun day?
  2. What is the game that Meg's dad invented that the two of them would play when Meg was little?
  3. As Matt grows older, what is it that he doesn't mind having?
  4. There is a painting in Charleston found on the corner of a building of a little fellow made all out of what?
  5. What was the one esoteric item Matt searched for at H.E.B. that left him thankful he had a cell phone?
  6. What was in the extraordinary brown box that held a much anticipated treasure?
  7. How many total miles did Meg travel from September-November?
  8. What was the title of the blog that Matt linked to when he referenced a blog about insects?
  9. What title did Matt wish our pastor named his new sermon series?
  10. What is the name of the mathematical property that best describes our household?
If you could choose anything for Matt and Meg to blog about next, what would it be?


I'm typing as fast as my short stumpy fingers can:

1) Cage girl

2) Penny for your thought

3) wisdom hair

4) hats

5) Reese's Wild Rice

6) The Office Season 3

7) 3700 miles

8) Blogging about blogging

9) Transformers

10) A Transitive Property of Inequality


I'm not sure about a few of them. If I miss one do I get a second chance?!?!?!?!


This was real fun.

I amend my answers......the Penny is for a Question!!!!!!!

1. Cage girl (Go-Go Girl)
2. Penny for a Question
3. Wisdom (grey) hairs
4. hats
5. Reece's Wild Rice
6. The Office, Season 3
7. 24,700 miles
8. Bug Girl's Blog
9. Transformers
10. Transitive Property of Inequality
Bonus:  Mission Conference

oh no, i missed two and now i'm crying.

Julie, you were great competition!  I thought everyone was at work! Don't cry,   Meg still has the final say!   :)  It was a fun challenge!

ok, well i ended up getting home early cuz of the snow and thought I would be able to get a head start but I guess I was wrong.  I still started to try to do it...but it's hard finding some of those answers.   Well, I'm suppose to be working from home so I better get back to business.  Good job you two speedy scavengers!!!  

I realize I'm not the first but since I did all the work I thought I'd post it anyways!

1. Dancing to "Johnny be Good", as a cage girl

2. "Penny for a question"

3. Wisdom Hair, either that or being able to eat all the ice cream pie leftovers himself :)

4. Hat Man is made out of hats!

5.Reese's Wild Rice

6. The Office-Season 3

7. over 24,700 miles

8.Blogging about Blogging

9. Transformers

10. Transitive property of inequality- Molly is greater than Matt & Meg

Bonus Question:

Next blog should be about two falsehoods and a truth about Matt, Meg and Molly, the blog after that letting us know which facts were true.

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