Happy Valentine's Day!
Prayer for Second Sunday in Lent

Things That I Love, That Make My Soul Glad

1.    The smell of Molly's puppy paws, the touch of her silky ears, and the spot on top of her head that is perfectly kissable
2.    Praying with my hubby
3.    Fall, Winter, Spring
4.    Blogging, everything about blogging
5.    Wearing a new outfit I feel pretty in
6.    Sitting by a fire with hot chocolate and a good book
7.    My Momma's home cookin' and the way she makes going home always feel special
8.    The sound of the garage door opening knowing Matt is home from work
9.    My Daddy's lap
10.  Tickling Matt 'till he can't take it no more
11.  Chocolate, the heavenly creation that it is
12.  Sunday afternoon naps
13.  Reading The Economist
14.  Getting my hair cut and styled
15.  Our home being in order; the satisfaction I feel after cleaning our home, despite the dread of doing it
16.  Matt's laugh, the kind of deep laugh that he gets when something tickles him so much; and anytime we go out on a date together.  Man, do I love it when he dresses up for those dates!
17.  The feeling of accomplishment after running, even though my body feels like it's dying
18.  Rainy, cloudy days when it's been dry; expansive, blue Texas skies when it's been raining
19.  Sweatshirt days=snuggle days
20.  Remembering my special childhood and fond college days
21.  Christmas--the sights, sounds, smells, anticipation of, picking out the perfect gift for someone--Christmas
22.  Being with friends and family, and how exciting it is when our friends' kids know who we are and want to be with us
23.  My relationship with Jesus, by far
24.  A new email in our inbox
25.  Matt and Molly; Matt and Molly; Matt and Molly

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Things that I love and that make my soul glad-Meggie's writing! How I enjoy reading your writing-your thoughts! Still gives me insight to you and your heart!

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