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An Olfactory Nightmare

Warning:  Gross Things Ahead

There is an awful stench in our refrigerator that, for the life of me, I can't place!  I've checked all the food, cleaned the drawer that I thought was the home of the smelly culprit, but alas, the smell remains.  I also placed a fresh box of baking soda in there to no avail.  And it is bad.  So bad.  I am at a loss, at the point of  wondering if something died under the frig because the acridness seems to be seeping in through the vent at the bottom of the frig, but I don't smell anything outside the frig that is foul.  It greatly disturbs me, and my olfactory senses are such that after I get one whiff of it, I feel like I smell it the rest of the day long.  And it is enough to make me throw up!  The worst part of it, Matt doesn't smell it at all!  He has the weakest olfactory senses of anyone I've ever known.  How could he possibly not need to wear a mask when he opens up the frig!?

I've considered asking my friend, Jill, to come over to sniff out the problem.  She's a good friend like that, but I wouldn't want to subject her to something so cruel.  It's absolutely disgusting to me...I'm a person that can't stand things being dirty and to have an awful smell in the frig that I can't fix is sending me over the edge to near crazy.  I've gotta get it figured out NOW, but especially before our dinner guest next week because it even inhibits me from cooking!  Help!  Any ideas of how to figure out what it is or how to get rid of it!?  Death by smell, it is soooo possible, Internet peeps!


never fear, i can come running over tomorrow with my vinegar and nose clips!!! if the kids faint from the smell, we are in trouble!!!

you're gonna hafta move your fridge. I wonder if this is what caused Molly's reflux?

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