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A Spicy Hot Fragrant Aroma from the South

One of my Internet peep friends Skribited!  A new feature to Spicy Magnolia is the Skribit widget on the right sidebar where readers can offer suggestions on what they would like me to write about.  So this is a shout out to the first person who anonymously submitted the first official Skribit idea (I added the two ideas about summer plans and a new recipe just to show ya how it's done, so those don't count)!  Whoo Hoo for Skribiting!  You can also vote on a submission to confirm, "Yeah, Meg, write about this!"

In the last day, I received two votes on the Skribit suggestion:  the inspiration for your blog's new name.  This is a great Skribit submission!  So here's the scoop:

Spicy Magnolia is a title that reflects a combination of my personality attributes, my interests and sentimental memories.  First, having been born and raised in El Paso, Texas, the home of some of the best Mexican food in the entire world (anyone heard of a famous restaurant called La Posta in Old Mesilla, NM?), I have a fond affinity towards Hatch green chiles, Mexican food, salsa…anything spicy hot. Not mild. Hot!  Most of the food I cook is too spicy for Matt (I love to put green chiles on everything) and because of this, and other unmentionables, Matt calls me his “spicy girl”.  Yes, I know I just embarrassed my little brother with that comment, but hey, I was modest.

As for “magnolia”, the second half of the blog title, my family had a magnolia tree in the backyard of the house we lived in until I was 6. During its blooming season, I would wake up to the fragrant aroma of a magnolia blossom cut and set by my bedside during the middle of the night by my Daddy. So magnolias have high sentimental value to me. Furthermore, the deep South, with its hospitality, manners, and culture, are deeply embedded in my Momma’s side of the family. So Matt also calls me his “southern belle”.  The magnolia is a fitting symbol for such an archetype.   Here are a few insights into my southern belle persona:  I still never wear white shoes, pants or dresses after Labor Day; I attended Cotillion while in middle school (that's another story for another time...but, oh how I longed for Brian W. to ask me to dance with him!); and despite the number of requests I get to desist, I still say my "ma'ams" and "sirs" like they were the first words I ever learned (and they probably were...and I know it will be the same thing for our children; those words are ingrained in my soul).  I guess I’m a prim and proper sassy gal.  <grin>

So in summation, the title Spicy Magnolia stems from a variety of sources, but Matt helped me come up with this new title.  I kept throwing out different ideas and he pieced together two of the words I repeatedly mentioned.  I hated to part with Ink Pots, but in purchasing a domain name, it was way too expensive and simply not an option.  But no one had claimed Spicy Magnolia.  So I did.  Personally, I love it!   


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