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Needin' Some Help From My Internet Peeps

Hopefully this fall, Matt and I will help lead a class called Bridges, a 6-session course published by Crescent Project.  Prayer, discussion, video content, group response, and Action Assignments are all components of the curriculum meant to develop a better understanding of the religion of I*lam and are tools that the Lord can use to give participants a heart of love and compassion towards M*slims.  It provides biblical teaching about I*lam and what M*slims believe; helps participants overcome fear and see M*slims the way Jesus sees them; and helps bring understanding of the similarities between Christianity and I*lam that can build bridges to the Gospel.

Why are we doing this?  For the past two years, we have been involved in a ministry whose purpose is to 1) share the love of Jesus Christ to a specific M*slim people group in South Asia (for security reasons, I cannot disclose more information than that, and it is why the * is used for search engine purposes); and 2) educate and bring awareness about this people group in the hope that it fosters understanding and love toward this South Asian M*slim people group.

Since being involved in this ministry, our hearts have been deeply moved by the Spirit of God for this people group and M*slims in general, for these millions and millions of people who try to earn their way to heaven by doing good works, who are caught up in a system of rituals and deeds to hopefully get into heaven, something that is not even guaranteed to them through their good works.  In interacting with this special South Asian population, we have come to realize that they are people just like us:  women who long to raise their children with love and to know right values; men who work diligently, and often difficult hard labor jobs, to provide for their families; people who laugh and celebrate at joyous events; people who are broken hearted over the loss of a child; people who have needs and desires.  In this day and age, I know firsthand (from my own heart) that it's quite easy to let fear, judgment and stereotypical thoughts about M*slims rule in our hearts because of obvious historical events and a lack of understanding about the culture and religion of I*lam. 

So we hope that the class, Bridges, will help be a starting place for its participants to better understand and grow in compassion towards M*slims.  And that's where you all come in, Internet peeps.  I would love your feedback and thoughts about the following questions.  If you'd rather not leave a comment on the site, you may also contact me via email.  But if you have a moment, I'd love to know your thoughts to help us better prepare for the class, to understand what participants may want to get out of the class or overcome through it.  So here ya go and a big "thank you" in advance!

Would you be interested in taking the class?  Why or why not?
What are questions you have about the religion of I*lam? 
If you were going to take the class, what would you want to learn? 
What would you want to take away from the class?
What keeps you from loving, wanting to understand, or getting to know M*slims?
What stereotypes do you have of M*slims?
Anything else you want to share or want me to know about this topic?


You missed a * in the first paragraph.

"curriculum meant to develop a better understanding of I[*]lam"

my main question is how come after the terrible events of 9/11, American M*slim and I*lamic preachers (I'm not sure what they are called) did not speak out against these acts of violence. We learn that these terrorist attacks are acts by "radical, fanatics", but we hear this from media, not from other M*slims.

Actually, many religious leaders of the Islamic faith did speak out against the attacks. I think it depends on what media you read/watch whether you became aware of it, but it did happen.

I commend you for starting your journey by trying to learn and respecting these people.

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