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Some Things You'll Never Outgrow

One of the blessed sights of this trip have been the puppies!  Lots and lots of dogs frolicking in the fields, walking leashless alongside their owners on the trails down to the coast, and delightfully splishing and splashing in the sea.  The second day we were here, Matt declared, "I want to live here!"  The beauty, the Lord of the Rings charm, the lack of snakes, and his ancestral connection with Ireland were all immediate selling points.  No, we're not looking to move, but Ireland is now on the top of Matt's list of places to live.  And it's obvious that one of the key factors influencing our decision about any place we'd move, we'd need not worry about:  the acceptance of Molly into the culture!  The Irish obviously love their dogs, and I've spent many a moment on my walks  wishing I had my Molly, who would absolutely love to partake in this Irish setting.

After spending quality time at "GG camp" (Granma & Granpa camp), getting spoiled rotten with an off-the-chart amount of lovies, treats, walks, being allowed to curl up in the leather chair and drool on the window pane while intently peering outside, Molly is now getting even more lovies from two of her bestest buds:  Harrison and Haddie!  "GG camp" had to close for a few days to make their way to El Paso to visit their folks, so Miss Molly is staying at her "Aunt Jill's" for the duration of our trip. For some reason, every time she sees Aunt Jill wearing flip flops, Molly immediately starts licking Jill's toes!  Aunt Jill must taste mighty sweet with that "Bath & Body Works" lotion!  And being the loving Aunt Jill that she is, Molly gets to lick away to her heart's content.  My buddy Harrison was ecstatic knowing that, "Molly spend the night."  So while my puppy is soakin' up every ounce of "GG" and Harrison and Haddie love, let me introduce you to another furry friend that helps me get by without my real pup:  stuffed Molly.

Stuffed Molly
Stuffed Molly was given to me by my brother, Mac (as  also my real Molly was, but he gave me the stuffed one first, not realizing that one day, I'd have the real one too, poor chap).  I sleep snuggle with stuffed Molly every single night.  She comes with me everywhere I travel, and I can't count the number of groans I've heard from Matt that I snuggle with a stuffed animal, when he thinks he should be all sufficient.  Not only that, but bringing her along on all my trips adds to his further disgust.  But I'm not about to relinquish it!  Now, if given an ultimatum, I'd surely choose my husband over stuffed Molly, but goodness, it's just a stuffed animal and I still snuggle with him!  But there has become an attachment between me and stuffed Molly, just as a little child I had an attachment to my blanky, a very worn out Mickey Mouse t-shirt of my Daddy's.  There's an odd connection with something you sleep with; I have no idea how it happens, but it's definitely an attachment where you notice it's missing when you don't have it.  Do any of you still sleep with a stuffed animal or something of the sort; or am I dreadfully alone in this?

So this old, very old, 29 year old woman girl, still sleeps with a stuffed animal, and not just any stuffed animal:  a stuffed Molly, that helps remind me that I'll see her real soon, missing her as I am...that is, if I can sneak her away from a 2 year old named Harrison who is falling madly, deeply in love with her.  It may be my biggest battle yet!


Both are pretty cute! The real one, though, has much personality! Both are sweet and love to snuggle. Enjoy having room in your bed-the real one takes it all up!

I have only recently retired my "blankie" from nightly use. It is still around, but Chad had some turf wars with it at the beginning of our marriage, and he finally won :)

Well, I don't sleep with a stuffed animal but I do sleep next to my dogs instead of my husband. And, hey, we're the same age. I didn't know that.

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