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Take Your Dog To Work Day

Apparently, June 20th was "Take Your Dog to Work Day"!  I did not know that such a day existed, but it does, and I think it is thrilling!  Before being a full-time puppy mommy, I always dreamed about working in a place where I could take Molly to work with me; I just think that would be the coolest thing ever!  She'd love the attention as well.  I've heard of businesses, such as Google (the #1 dog friendly company),    Pixar, The Humane Society and Six Apart that allow employees to bring their dogs to work to foster a more laid-back environment and creativity.  On "Take Your Dog To Work Day" (TYDTWDay), thousands of small and large companies open their doors to employees' dogs in celebration of these great companions. 

According to TakeYourDog.com, these are the top 10 things to say to convince your boss to take part in TYDTWDay...if you want to participate in future TYDTWDays (of course, the date for #1 would change):

10. The squirrels in the neighborhood deserve a break.
9. Wagging tails work great when the a/c is on the fritz.
8. With a dog as your passenger, you’ll be able to use the car pool lane.
7. It’s a great way to lick the work day blahs!
6. My dog thinks you’re grrrrrrreat!
5. Meetings end as soon as Rover starts staring at the conference room door.
4. You can blame those missing reports on one of your employees’ dogs.
3. It’s the leash you can do.
2. Finally, someone at your office will actually be working like a dog.
1. Friday, June 20, is Take Your Dog To Work Day®!

So I'm curious, did any of you participate in Take Your Dog To Work Day?  If so, what kinda dog did you take and how did it go?  Or are any of the companies you work for pet friendly and participate in TYDTWDay? 


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