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There's Nothin' Like a Nap

I remember growing up and thinking that a perfect Sunday afternoon was when my family would come home from church and we'd all relax and take afternoon naps.  My parents would read the Sunday paper, eventually falling asleep, and I'd crawl up on either my bed or the floor with a warm, cozy blanket on me (yes, even in the middle of the summer because I get cold so easily), and drift into bliss.  To this day, I usually get away with feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after taking a power nap of 20 minutes, and love the days I get to fit in a nap.  These days, I feel as though I need at least 45 minutes to an hour to feel more energized after my nap.  How about you all?  Any nappers?  Power nappers or long nappers?

Matt came across an article yesterday from the Boston Globe called "How to Nap".  It has a diagram and everything, and is quite interesting!  What a relief to read that a midday snooze "benefits both mental acuity and overall health...boosts alertness, creativity, mood, and productivity in later hours of the day."  Napping also reduces stress and lowers the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.  Anyone else thinking, "Whoop!!"?  Check it out to find out what kind of napper you are (a lark or an owl), and how to have a more beneficial siesta.  And well, this lark is late for her afternoon nap.


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