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Vacation Spots

Come summertime, I start reminiscing about the fall and winter, mostly because of the holidays, eagerly anticipating the cool chill in the air, the smell of fall leaves, and the childlike eagerness of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pretty soon, I'm likely to pull out Amy Grant's Christmas albums and sing along to the nostalgia-building tunes.  What better way to help make the sweltering heat pass by more quickly than by listening to Christmas music while dripping with sweat on my walks? 

Another event I start anticipating is our anniversary...I LOVE adding years onto our marriage and counting upward.  This December, we'll celebrate 6 years!  I'm already dreaming about places we can go to usher in our 7th year of marriage, either some place in Central Texas (so I don't have to get on another plane), or southern California (since Matt has only briefly been to the San Francisco area).  Do any of you have recommendations for a vacation spot in either or both of those areas?  Places to stay?  Things to do?  Maybe places that have a nice blend of romance (for me) and activity (for the hubby)?  And please, no campsites!  <grin>


San Diego! Or Santa Barbara! Take me with you! I'll be your personal tour guide!
It's all expensive but worth it. And you can go in the summer because it NEVER gets hot!

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