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A Nephew, Some Feasting, and Priceless Memories

What a fabulous weekend! Honestly, I couldn't quite imagine how good our weekend in St. Louis was going to be visiting Matt's sister, Kim, her husband, Tom, and meeting our nephew, Jadon born May 5th!  I also couldn't quite imagine the immediate bond I'd have with little Jadon that seemingly grew each day we were there.  It was emotional for this aunt to part with him at the airport!  He's such a good baby!  Coming along with us everywhere, he was always quite laid back and content.  He looks like his maternal grandpa...whom I hear is still deciding on an official grandpa-like name to be called!  This trip is definitely one of our summer highlights.

We miraculously made our jumper plane to St. Louis Thursday afternoon after waiting in line, for what painstakingly felt like eternity, to check one little ol' bag.  This is not the place to delve into my diatribe about airlines and traveling these days, nor our summer travel schedule, but good golly, I have one more trip in July that requires plane travel and after that, I am done for awhile!  This travel lover is tuckered out with a capital T!  The puppy mommy in me is also emotionally drained after leaving my puppy for so many weekends in a row; so much so, she might just tag along with us to Dallas this weekend.  After playing with all the other pups at Dog Boy's this weekend, she is sleeping just as soundly as Jadon did all weekend long! 
Tom & Kim
So here are some tidbits and pictures to share with you from our trip (and I still have to post some from our day out in Dublin!).  After arriving Thursday night, the 5 of us went to dinner at a lovely restaurant called Vin De Set that overlooked the city where we were seated on a rooftop even had a great view of the Arch.  Matt and I both had beef tenderloin,  and it was one of the best meals we've had in a long time!  Delicious! Both Dublin's and St. Louis' weather have been a welcomed reprieve from the blistering record heat wave we've had in Austin for the past month.  It was a pleasant evening to watch the sunset and enjoy a special evening out.  It didn't take much convincing to walk to Bailey's Chocolate Bar down the street for dessert.  Oh my heavenly days!  It is a very good thing Austin does not have one of these because I would find myself there every week!  We shared three different desserts:  Bailey's Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Sundae Overdrive (an appropriate name), and Chocolate Voodoo Bread Pudding. Delectable! Eat your heart out, baby!  Little did we realize that it was nearly 11 p.m. as we wrapped up the evening; we were all quite energized by each other's company, and I suppose the chocolate jolt helped a bit.  

On Friday, all of us were a bit worn out after the late night out on the town.  Poor Tom had to go to work, but me, Matt, Kim and Jadon were able to take it easy.  Kim made some delicious fruit and yogurt parfaits and blueberry muffins for breakfast, and before taking some time for an afternoon rest, we grabbed a bite for lunch at a great cafe within walking distance of our hotel, called NadozAunt Meghan, Kim and Jadon with our yogurt parfaits Matt and I made dinner for Tom and Kim, and I must brag on my husband here:  he helped me SO much in the kitchen cleaning up everything as I cooked!  It was so much fun to do it together with him!  And Kim set the table so pretty, just as she always does so creatively! 

On the docket for Saturday was visiting the Gateway Arch and then that night, we went to Forest Park for a picnic.  First, that park is amazing!  There are so many romantic and fun things to do there that I teased Tom saying he'd never have a shortage of dates to take Kim on!  We were going to go to The Muny to see The Producers, but got caught up in great discussions and the lovely evening that we decided to skip it and leisurely enjoy our picnic.  Tom and KimWhat a table! had the perfect picnic gear and delicious food to go along with it!  It was quite the weekend of feasting!  

Sunday we went to church and then grabbed a bite to eat before heading to the airport at the City Coffeehouse and Creperie where they serve delectable crepes of your choosing.  I loved every bite of it and regretted not taking one to go after we got stuck on our plane for 2 hours in Dallas.  First, it was the front baggage compartment that needed fixin'.  Then it was the rear baggage compartment, which the captain said would throw off the plane's balance and center of gravity if they couldn't put luggage in it.  On top of all that, the rear auxiliary pump wasn't working so we couldn't get any A/ the 96 degree heat.  Furthermore, they discovered a scratch on the wing that the maintenance crew needed to check out.  You have NO idea how badly I just wanted to get off that plane and drive to Austin.  Or givKim and Tom on our picnice me any other plane but the one I was on...PLEASE!!  Ironically, the captain (who was very professional and kind about the whole matter) told us to not be discouraged, the plane was "100% safe to fly".  I guess he was staking his life on that being true as well.

Below are some more pictures of our precious nephew!  I am so thankful for a most memorable weekend and our family!

Jadon...doing what he did most of the weekend 

Uncle Matt and Aunt Meghan feeding Jadon


I literally just tried to zoom in on the desserts. I'm starving, but reading the blog was a fun distraction! I'm glad that y'all cute to meet the baby bc he is super cute!

It looks like you all had so much fun! It was great for the 4 of you to get to know each other better as couples & meet precious Jadon! We miss him! Don't you all love the eats & sites of St. Louis?! Can't wait to catch up with you guys! Love you! Sorry about your flight home :(

You took some great pictures. I love the one of Jadon asleep in his car seat--and the way he's looking into the camera in the one with Matt holding him.

Your nephew is precious! I bet it was love at first sight for you guys. I have to say that your sis-in-law and bro-in-law appear to be wonderful hosts!!

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