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Have I Told You That I'm Spoiled?

If I haven't mentioned it yet, now is as good a time as ever to tell you matter-of-factly:  I am spoiled.  Really spoiled.  Some would say spoiled rotten, and I would have to agree with them. Ecstatic Cause truly, I am.  In fact, I am getting spoiled today with a "Spoil Meg Lunch" date!  Last night, I received an Evite that caused my face to immediately light up with sheer joy (an image which Matt had to capture on film).  This Evite, sent by my dear hubby, is an invitation for a 50 minute prenatal massage and a lunch date with him at the location of my choosing!  So I'm getting ready to go meet my prince in just a little bit.  However, I might not be very conversational on our lunch date because I'll be so relaxed.  The last time Matt experienced me on such a high was after an amazing spa day at the Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Canada that he treated me to a few years ago.  I acted like I had 5 glasses of wine; hubby was quite amused.  Matt has graciously given me massages nearly every night the past month and a half, without complaining, and I'm sure this massage today won't compare with his loving hands.  Hubby loves me with every single part of himself.  Truly, I am thankful.  Thankful and spoiled. 


You are blessed to be so loved and cared for!
( and spoiled:) Enjoy!

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