Itty Bitty Things to Say

I JUST....

My friend, Emily, wrote about a website called Wordle that she came across recently where she put in her blog site and it spewed out, in a creative fashion, a "word cloud" that shows words found throughout her blog, giving prominence to words that appear more frequently.  I'm not sure if Em found this to be true, but when I first tried it out, the program generated a word cloud only from the posts that appear on the first page of the blog; it didn't capture a complete picture of my entire archived posts.  So I tried cutting and pasting the text from a couple of pages from my blog, and sure enough, the word clouds were different.  Despite that, I would say, flaw, it's a really cool website and gives you a picture of topics you write about the most and words you use more frequently. 

One word I'm constantly trying to refrain from using too often is "just" (i.e. I just...).  I use it ALL the time!  Why, I have no idea.  It is a superfluous word!  Despite my eager attempts to disengage from using it too often, it still appeared in my word cloud as a prominent word, pretty much smack dab in the middle of the thing.  So sad!  I just gotta keep workin' on it!


Well, Internet peeps, now that this day at home has just flown by and it's time for the weekend, I must get going to do the much needed things Ijust need to get done before Matt comes home.  Happy weekend! 


I did notice that it only picked up the first page...but I guess I didn't mind since it gave me a picture of what I've been talking about recently. ALSO (ha,ha), I enjoyed how you can adjust the colors, fonts and shape of the word picture. Pretty cool!
I liked how in your word picture that Polka and God intersect.

meg, this is too cool. :) if i had a blog, i would so be trying this out.

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