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The Foodie's Fall Cornucopia, Week 2: Acorn Squash with Applesauce

Itty Bitty Things to Say

Hi, Internet peeps!  How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty special having my folks here to set up the nursery.  Dapples and Molly got along really well, mostly because Moos was her standoffish, aloof self, having a pity party that she wasn't the only one getting attention.  Spoiled brat, she is!  I'm not ready to post pictures of the nursery quite yet, so you'll have to wait a little longer.  But many kudos to Matt, Daddy and Mommy because they worked their tails off while I just sat, watched, and cheered, feelin' pretty useless.  We They even painted an additional wall in the game room that adds so much color and will be a perfect addition to the rearranging of some furniture that is on the to-do list.

I must quickly share a highlight:  my Momma and I went to a small children's boutique to pick out glider fabrics and had the best time!  Sometimes I feel rather uncomfortable and out of place in stores like that, and I anticipated feeling as such this Saturday.  But I was quite pleasantly surprised!  We went to Baby Coco and had the best time perusing the fabulous store; the staff was friendly and helpful; and we indulged in the catered food they'd brought in for the "Baby Coco Shower" they were having.  I'm sure I made quite the impression telling the lady to please not take my plate away because I still wanted more and left with a to-go napkin bulging with food.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised when I feel like a lowly, unwanted and out-of-place customer at nice stores like that when I act like a starving college student stuffing free food into her purse!  Despite my lack of social graces, the staff was very warm and it was a delightful time!

While not of the nursery, here are a few pictures of Daddy's birthday celebration (you can click on the image to enlarge it).

Daddy's birthday dinner

We couldn't wait to dig into the cake when my folks arrived into town on Friday, so by the time we actually sang "Happy Birthday" on Saturday, it was already half gone!
Chocolate citrus cake

Here's a little gift we found in Fredericksburg and have held onto for 3 years!  Now it can finally be given.  I'd completely forgotten about it until we were cleaning out the nursery closet last week and came across it.
A gift for the grandparents

Dapple-Doos!  She did amazingly well here in our home for the first time.  And Matt found out how quickly what a snuggle bug she is; she laid on top of him as much as she could!


Remember, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the second week in "The Foodie's Fall Cornucopia" series!  Check this out so you know what's going on and can participate!  I can't wait to see the fall recipes that you share!

Lastly, up for debate tonight between me and the hubby:  which season premiere we'll be watching on television, either Dancing with the Stars (hers) or Heroes (his).  What will you watch tonight?


Definitely Heroes! Especially since Meg will probably get her choice for the rest of the week :)

I don't have to share the TV tonight!!! So, it will be on Dancing With the Stars and Boston Legal!! Yeah, for Fall and the new TV shows!
P.S. Laughed all over again at your blog about the store and our very hungry tummies!

What - no nursery pictures?!!!! I checked in to see what you did!!!! I LOVE your blog...I love baby and kids stuff, cooking and Jesus too! We love and miss you guys!

Love, Katie (for Rob and the kids too)

Ben and I are back to no cable. We couldn't bring ourselves to spend $50 a month just to watch "The Office" and "The Daily Show." But we get 4 Netflix a month now.

Dapples is so cute! My dogs always compete for attention and I LOVE it.

do we get to hear about the nursery or see pics? I know it's great. :)

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