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I am getting REALLY excited about setting up part of the nursery this weekend with my parents!  Matt and I cleared out the spare bedroom last night.  There wasn't much in there, but we were using the closet as storage and we moved all of that stuff to the other guest bedroom. So now the nursery is bare and ready to paint!  We'll paint on the walls a few sample colors tonight to see what works best.  As of right now, it looks like the "Butter Cream" color is going to be the select choice.  Also, the few clothes we've gotten so far (thank you Gaga, Jillie, and Matt), as well as the bedding we've collected for the day bed that will be in the room, I threw into the wash last night so I can place them all clean and fresh into their respective places this weekend.  Tomorrow, I will bake my Daddy's belated birthday cake that we will delve into, and the table is all set ready for the celebration!  I'll have to let you know how Miss Molly and Dapples get along as well; we should have an active household this weekend!  <grin>

There are many of you who are sitting on pins and needles wanting to know whether Polka is a boy or girl and hoping for at least some clues as to the names we're leaning towards.  To help tide you over (and you know who you are! <grin>), I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the things we've put together for the nursery so far.  I might post some pictures of the room after we're done painting and setting things up this weekend, but until then, here are some snapshots.

The crib:

The armoire (no, that's not our monkey):

One thing me and my Momma are doing this weekend is going to pick out a fabric for the following glider and ottoman that we're going to get. 
The following five images are of the swatches that we're using for the crib bedding.  You can click on the images to enlarge them.  The first swatch is called "Cottontail", and this picture captures just one of the scenes of bunnies that appear throughout the fabric.  It's difficult to pick up from this image, but it has all of the colors of the other fabrics in it as well.  This fabric will be used for the bumper as well as the curtains that my Momma will make.

This is called "celery check".  It will be used as the crib skirt and ties.  We'll probably make some pillows out of this fabric for the day bed, which will have an ivory Matelasse duvet coverlet.
Celery check

This is "chocolate velour" and it is so soft!  It will be the flange between the panels of the inside bumper. 
Chocolate velour

Striking, this is "cranberry cord" and it will be the cording along the top of the bumper.  We're trying to figure out how to bring in this color elsewhere in the room, likely as a pillow for the gilder. 
Cranberry cord

Oh, another snuggly fabric, this is "yellow minky dot" and will appear on the inside panels of the bumper, alternating between "cottontails", separated by a small flange of the "chocolate velour".  I know, it's probably kind of hard to envision.  The bedding won't be in for another 7 weeks or so, so you'll have to wait until then to get the full picture, but hopefully this gives you a little glimpse.
Yellow minki dot
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday night/Friday!


Meg-I love the furniture and love the fabric selections! You will have to indulge us with pictures of the room! Are you using Javis Davis for your bedding--if so, I used them for some pieces of Gibson's and was really pleased with them. Have fun decorating!!

I can't wait to see it all come together. I love your selections!

Everything you've chosen is soooooo cute!!!!

The "Cottontail" toile is just precious and that crib is amazing!

Love it all..Great choices. I've been reading your blog for a while. First time commenting.
Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy.

Love all the fabrics...It will be a darling room!

Hey! Here from Kelly's. You could also use that red fabric on other nursery items like a diaper hanger/stacker or something like that...

Love this look! Very classy with a little flair to it! Love it!!!

You will LOVE the glider! It still is my favorite place to sit in the whole house!

I love that dotty fabric, my changing pad covers are that fabric in chocolate. Great choices!

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