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A Masterpiece of Creative Writing

I just received a fun email from my brother, Mac, that I have to share with you all.  He forwarded an email that one of his colleagues received and wrote, "Look what you get to look forward to reading!!  Think of all the funny things your kid will say and do."  It sure put a smile on my face and I know it will for you, too. 

The premise of the forwarded email:  A fourth grade teacher, while grading papers, came across a masterpiece.  The question asked of this little girl in a writing prompt was this...

If you could spend a day with any book, movie, or TV character, who would it be?  Why?  What would you do for the day?  Be sure to give specific details.

Her teacher wrote that the student's "masterfully-crafted response was this...enjoy...".

Writing prompt

Anything fun your kiddos, nieces or nephews, or little people friends have shared with you recently that put a smile on your face?  Last week my little buddy, Harrison, when asked, "What's in Meg's tummy?" quickly chimed in, "A baby.  Can we open it?"  Got a couple of more months of bakin' to do, but after that, yep, we can open!


I have 2 cousins that were adopted from Cambodia into my aunt and uncle's family. My aunt and uncle already had 2 girls and a cat named Muffin. One day when they were young and still getting a handle on the English language, my aunt called to them to come down for breakfast. Neither of them would come downstairs. Finally, my aunt went up to get them. When asked why they would not come downstairs for breakfast, they promptly explained that it was because my aunt was serving "muffin" for breakfast. Once they understood that my aunt had not cooked up Muffin the cat, they were happy to come down to eat some delicious and cat-free muffins for breakfast.

This happened today at nap time (it is really something silly that I did though...and those times will happen.)

Peter is 4 1/2 months old. He was supposed to be sleeping in the play yard in our bedroom. I quietly opened the door to try and sneak into to our bed so I could take a nap too...since everyone else was sleeping. The second I quietly opened the door his head popped up (he is already rolling and was up and awake on his tummy.) I dropped to the ground and proceeded to crawl across the floor to the bed. I reached my hand up to grab my Bible and tried to crawl into bed (naptime is usually when I do my devotions). Anyways after all that effort I tried to sneak a peak at Peter to see what he is doing. Guess what he was doing? Looking right at me. You can't fool a smart 4 1/2 month old:) He is eerily smart and aware.

Hope it made you laugh. It made Rob laugh.

Love, Katie

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