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In Babymoon La-La Land

Top o' the mornin' to ya! We are currently enjoying a most lovely babymoon getaway here in San Antonio and soaking up every minute of it. We arrived Wednesday afternoon and the only things we've done so far have been eating, sleeping, reading, playing ping pong, catching up on my "Love Letters to My Baby" guided journal, and sitting by the pool. I can't wait to tell you more about it! Hubby is still sleeping, but when he wakes up, we're gonna head over to Sea World for the day to say "hi" to Shamu! Yippee skipee! In case this blog post looks really weird, I'm posting it from my phone...we're not too thrilled about the $10 a day Internet fee here, so we're trying to hold off. Here are some not-so-good 30 week pictures of me and Polka. Forgive the wet, unstyled hair. For those of you who have waited to vote on the poll on whether Polka is a boy or girl can now do do with more info. (grin) Hope you all have a great weekend! Have fun with your kiddos tonight if you're going out... I can't wait to see pictures of the costumes! Catch ya Monday, and many blessings to you, Internet peeps!

30 weeks



Oh that's great! We were just talking last night about where we should do our babymoon! We got married in San Antonio - it is so pretty and there is a lot to do! Enjoy it!

Hey! I actually found your blog on Antique Mommy's blog. I enjoyed reading the mommy tips. I must say I did giggle out loud at your reference to Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the beast to a pregnant woman. And thought it was pretty cute that your hubby wanted you to sing the teapot song! Anyways, I had fun reading some posts! When are you due?

Oops, sorry! Just saw your 30 weeks. YAY!

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