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Good morning, folksie shmoksies!  How is everyone doing this Thursday morning?  It's only supposed to reach 69 degrees today in Austin, and I am stoked!  After the rainy day we had yesterday, I am in fall heaven, Internet peeps!  Can you tell the slightly giddy mood I'm in?  I'm hoping to have a leisurely morning by walking Moos, enjoying a cup of tea, and sitting outside in the coolness of the new day.  That's what I'm hoping for.  But Matt's parents, his sister, and our nephew are rollin' into town at noon, so the last few chores I have to get ready for our guests might forego those wishes.  Alas, in addition to the fall weather, there are a few other things that I'm delighting in that I have to take a moment to share with you.

First, Matt and I bought pumpkins and gourds yesterday evening before heading over to dinner at our friends, Chris and Jill's, place for a scrumptious lasagna dinner.  We now have a cute little pumpkin patch in our front yard; well, at least a wanna-be pumpkin patch.  It was a spontaneous decision to go to dinner, and I'm so glad we did!  I didn't have anything planned for supper, so who knows what Matt would have eaten had it not been for Jill spoilin' us.  Seriously, it looked like I starve my hubby with how much he ate.  But even I surpassed his 2 helpings by eating 3!  The kiddos, Harrison and Haddie, as always, were a joy to be with, and I learned what a zerbert is!  I never knew it had a name!!  I left their place having had lots of mini zerberts from those adorable two (Harrison and Haddie, not Chris and Jill) <grin>.

Secondly, when we got home from Colorado, Matt had a surprise waiting for me!  Throughout our pregnancy, I've talked about wanting a t-shirt that either says, "Yes, there is a baby in here" (but it's a little late for that), or one that says, "Hands off my belly" ('cause I really don't like my belly touched), but he got me something even more perfect!!  Take a look:


Speaking of my first baby, she stayed with our neighbors while we were gone and there is a precious picture of Molly and 2 year old Evan on Leah's blog post.  Click here to see it.  She's so good with kiddos!  Molly must want to go over there again real bad because when we got home Tuesday afternoon and let her out front, she headed right over to Evan's house.  And then yesterday when she heard their dog, Chloe, bark, Molly started barking and running all over the house until I let her bolt outside where she stood peering through the fence to see if her bestest buds were still outside. 

J.R. brought this You Tube video to his readers' attention yesterday.  I got a kick out of it!  So will any hubbies out there.  Click here to watch it; it's pretty funny. 

My sister-in-law, Julie, alluded to it in her comment she posted yesterday, but I am now only 85 days away from Polka's due date!  Do you see that number "30" nearly covered up there on the counter!?  Holy cow, Internet peeps!  Holy cow!!  I'll probably write about it more at another time, but truly, I am scared out of my mind about the labor and delivery and our lives changing entirely....and it's all happening so fast!  I'll expound on the inner turmoil going through me later; right now, this post is about "random delights".  I must say, one random delight has been to feel Polka kicking up a storm!  My tummy is actually shifting!  It's all good as long as it's not when I'm trying to fall asleep <grin>.  It's the weirdest but most special thing at the same time.  Here's a sorta belly shot of me at nearly 28 weeks.

26 weeks 5 days

Ok, so I need your advice.  I wrote yesterday about how our camera has now gone kaput.  Well, we just gotta get ourselves a new camera before January.  So, any recommendations on cameras?  What do you like about it?  What are important camera features to have to capture great shots of Polka?  Any hints on how to find good deals on those expensive suckers?

Well, friends, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!  May your eyes and heart be opened to see the random delights the Lord has in store for you to enjoy.  And if you would like a low down of amazing promises and delights He absolutely, for sure, no doubt or question about it, has for you, read this!  It'll knock the socks off ya!


I love the shirt. I am not good with cameras, though. I still use a film one!

Meg, your shirt and hair are both too cute.

As for cameras, I have a divided heart (AKA, two cameras). I definitely LOVE my digital SLR (Canon Rebel XT) because it is so great at capturing kid moments. One thing to consider is that in no time Polka will be moving around all over the place, and SLRs are much faster than point-and-shoots at capturing those quick moments. The quality is great, but it's still easy to use.

On the other hand, I recently received a small digital camera for Mother's Day as well. It's great because I can throw it in my purse and catch moments when we are out and about without lugging the big camera with us.

I don't have any good ideas for finding a good deal, but if I could pick one, I would for sure purchase an SLR (of course, the more expensive one!!).

Are you all taking child birth classes? That was really helpful for us.

You look fabulous!


LOVE the shirt!
I agree that your camera needs a really fast-hurry-up-take-the-picture feature to capture those yawns and smiles and giggles that happen so fast. We got a great deal on a camera the day after Thanksgiving. I realize I'm letting my big secret out but we got it at the Target at 620/2222. We call it "Secret Target" because it sits back from the road and no one knows about it (I guess they do now!). I use to joke that there were 4 times the amount of employees as customers there. Anyway, we had no problem getting the day after Thanksgiving sales there and it was much less stressful than the lines of people I saw waiting for the same deal at other Targets around town.

1. do i tell you everyday that i love your hair? it's just so cute these days.

2. love the shirt, but more I love the way your little bump looks in the tee. So cute....like your hair.

3. we just got a new camera. so i have tips. And I agree. Buy the big one. And then use your IPHONE for those "oh i wish i had a camera" moments. Duh! life on easy street for you my friend. Minus that baby come out part!

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