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Showered with Love

I hope there are days in your life every now and then that make you feel so loved and special.  The truth is, we're loved and special in God's eyes everyday, but there are days when someone's acts and words of kindness may set that day apart from all the others because it made you feel significantly valued and loved:  maybe somebody sent a card or made a phone call to let you know they were thinking of you; or someone threw a really memorable birthday party for you; or someone sent you home with a wonderful meal during the midst of your busy week.  There are a few precious friends in my life that teach me how to love others better, more purposefully, listening intently to what they are going through to respond in a way that shows them I care.  I've got much to learn!  This weekend, however, I was humbled and blessed and showered with love in a way that overwhelmed me to tears of thanksgiving...and many, many smiles that made my face ache!

Matt's parents, Ed and Ruth, his middle sister, Kim, her husband, Tom, and our nephew, Jadon, came into town to help celebrate with me and Matt as we anticipate the birth of Polka and some of my dearest friends hosted a baby shower for me.  I think it was a relaxing visit for everyone.  With a 5.5 month old, fatigue from travel, and the normal tiredness of everyday life, all 7 of us enjoyed some down time being together.  Molly enjoyed having a little one around to lick, and Jadon quickly took a liking to the big, furry creature.  Loving the puppy Some of the things we enjoyed in the city:  a Hyde Park Baptist football game, the gem of all Whole Foods, the University of Texas campus, the State Capitol (just a drive-by view), The Domain, Z-Tejas, Amy's Ice Cream, and the gorgeous weather!  It was nice and cool the first two days of their visit and then it warmed up to Austin's typical fall temperature with clear, blue skies.  We enjoyed several meals outside on the patio, something we haven't been able to do during Ed and Ruth's previous fall visits because it's been too hot.  It was mighty fine weather this visit!  Here are some other fun shots throughout our weekend.  Kim brought Jadon's pumpkin costume he'll wear for Halloween.  Cutest 'ittle pumpkin, huh!? 

'Ittle Pumpkin
Papa, Nana, Jadon

Uncle Matt & Happy Boy

Kim, Tom and Jadon

Saturday, in particular, was the day that stands out to me as the day that I felt so loved and cared for.  My dear friends, Janna, Jill, and Abbie, threw me the most precious baby shower that was polka-dot themed!  <grin>  Me with the Hostesses As you walked into Jill's home, to the right were individual packages of polka-dot Kleenexes for guests to take home with a note on them that had a specific prayer request to pray for me, Matt and Polka.  So as people use these cute Kleenexes, they'll be reminded to pray for us!  There were also note cards people could write out a blessing, advice, or a prayer for us and then hang it on a beautiful tree that we now have and I want to put it in the nursery.  (I'm using pictures that Ruth took, so when I figure out how to transfer pics from my Momma's camera she let us borrow, I'll have some more of the tree and Kleenex table.)

The brunch was a feast fit for kings and queens!  The table was covered in a lace table cloth that was Gaga's.  We used it for our cake table at our wedding, and my mom was able to ship it to the hostesses.  Along with gorgeous yellow sweet peas (my favorite flower thatDSC02615 Gaga introduced me to) that Jill was able to track down, the flowers and tablecloth were a vivid reminder to me and my momma that Gaga was a part of this shower.  It was one of the sweetest, most kind gestures that the girls thought of to incorporate into the day.  When I first heard that my friends wanted me to pick something out of Gaga's to use for the shower that could be a special reminder of her, I burst into tears at the incredible thoughtfulness.  And sweat peas are out of season, folks!  I couldn't use them in my wedding bouquet either, but somehow, they tracked 'em down!  They even played Christmas music because they know how much I love it!! 

To feast upon:  strawberries; a delightful mint punch; a spinach, egg, mushroom and sundried tomato casserole; French toast bake; muffins; cream cheese sandwiches (a favorite of mine that Abbie makes); the softest sugar cookies with a cherry in the middle of them--another little polka-dot treasure; and cupcakes with white chocolate pieces on them.  Ya'll, I can't begin to describe to you how delicious everything was.  As my Daddy dropped Momma off, he walked into the house and was immediately taken aback by the awesome wafts coming from the kitchen.  He knew that there had been some serious cookin' done, and I know he wished he could've morphed into a woman for an hour just to get some bites.  That sounds totally strange, but seriously!  I know each of those girls put lots of love and time into making everything for the brunch, and I wish I could begin to don't you just want to dig in?describe to you how my taste buds rejoiced at each bite.  Confession:  I hide food.  I hide food from Matt so I can have it all to myself.  As awful as it sounds, it's true.  So while I came home with tupperware full of yummy leftovers to the witness of his family, I didn't want to share with anybody, so I hid it.  Matt, of course, knows me well enough to know this about me, and he'll get some of it sooner or later.  But in the meantime, I'm enjoying my hidden stash of leftovers.   

Each lady there has a special, significant place in my life.  I had much fun sharing about how I knew each girl as I opened her present.  Even my friend, Lauren, who got married last week, drove in from Dallas for the shower!  And special friends and family of mine from out of town who couldn't make it left their imprint on the day.  A precious girl drove around for 2 hours looking for the shower and arrived after everyone left, but I got to spend some one-on-one time with her, and can you believe she persevered for that long to get there!?  It was special having both of Polka's "grandmas" there also, and even little Jadon picked out the cutest toy for his first cousin!  Ruth, Kim, Me and Momma I was overwhelmed by everyone's thoughtfulness and generosity; it was quite touching and very memorable.  I wish sometimes I had more accurate words to describe how thankful, humbled, and truly moved I am at times like these.  It's hard to believe that people want to show love and care so profoundly, giving of their time, energy, and resources to make another person such as myself feel treasured.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I can't wait for Polka to meet all the precious women in my life! 


I SO wish I could have been there, and I'm glad you felt loved and blessed! You and Polka are worth celebrating!

Wow--those sweet girls gave you such a thoughtful shower! I love the sentimental touches and all of the Polka-themed food!

ps until lindsey just said the "polka themed" i didn't get it. hahaha

But I did want to say that I was sad to miss the fun! But can't wait to see you in Nov. And baby Feb. 6th! yay!

You can just email me the answer to this question: where are you registered?

It looks like an amazing shower!!!!!


For the record, I never did see most of the food. But the polka-dot cupcakes and cherry cookies were very good!

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