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A good Friday morning to you (or afternoon if you're in Jordan, or night if you're in Thailand) <grin>!  Yesterday was a full but very fun day meeting with 3 different friends, one of which is a fellow blogging buddy, Emily.  Her 4 month old son, Parker, joined us and he was as giddy as could be!  Such a good little fella he is.  I progressively made the rounds from Starbucks to Mozart's Coffee to Panera while enjoying a tasty bite of tortilla soup at Central Market for lunch.  If Central Market was closer, I'd seriously jump in my car right now and go get some more of that soup!  Why is it that restaurant food excites me so much more than my own cooking!?

I'm making a huge jump into mommy-world this afternoon by going to a city-wide "Mommy and Me Consignment Sale" that lasts all weekend.  Since I'm an expectant first-time mommy, however, I got to sign up for a special VIP Shower and Presale that is this afternoon.  My friend, Jill, passed along the info to me, so she gets to be my VIP guest this afternoon.  She's been a huge helper to me by giving me tips on baby registries and birth plans!  Truly, I don't know what I'd do without her, 'cause Internet peeps, I know nothin'!  She probably knows more than she ever, ever thought she would about me!  I'm not planning on buying anything at this point (Matt would be so pleased if I stuck with that plan), but the VIP invitation mentioned giveaways and freebies, and I'm totally all about that!  Hopefully I won't get too overwhelmed with this new aspect of mommy-world.  I'm stretchin' myself here by steppin' out for this thing, you understand?  The rest of the weekend we'll be working in the yard and doing yet again, some household maintenance chores.  We're whittling down that to-do list folks, and it feels great!

Have you noticed the Polka tracker lately?  Internet peeps, we are now into the double-digit days left as opposed to triple!  We're twenty-six weeks today and a week away from heading into the final lap (the final trimester) and my 7th month.  Oh, golly!  I finally found a chart that shows how the weeks, months and trimesters break down into each other.  I can be at peace now and not so confused, and I'm sure Matt is relieved to not have to explain it to me for the umpteenth time!  Check it out here

Here's a picture we took this morning.  I have weird hair up in a pony tail, no make up, and am in my work-out clothes.  This is how I normally look during the week <grin>.  Speaking of work-out clothes, my friend Lindsey posted a blog entry yesterday called Do you look good to work out or work out to look good?, and I like how she humorously asks a question I myself have often wondered these days.  I obviously fit into the camp that goes all-nat-ur-al not just at the gym, but all day nearly every day!

26 week baby bump

What are you all doing this weekend?  I hope it's a good one for ya'll, and just want to let you know that I appreciate you, Internet peeps!  Thanks for popping by and reading!


My friend went to one of those consignment sales for me. It was awesome! For $40 (!!!!) She got me several maternity outfits and a brand new pack n play still in the box!!!

Might I say, you did a FABULOUS job stepping out tonight! you are a beautiful sight and i love watching God mold you dear friend!!

Polka's arrival is just around the corner! I can't wait to meet him/her! By the way, your tummy is super cute. You look fantastic.

you are a really cute little pregnant person. i think this pic for the first time shows the baby, but the rest of you looks the exact same. one day you'll have to tell me your secrets!

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