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The Foodie's Fall Cornucopia, Week 6: Baked Squash

Cornucopia I wore mittens on my walk this morning with Molly!  I could see my breath because the air was so cold!  It was absolutely delightful!  One of my most favorite things about the weather getting cooler is that Molly's frisky side comes out.  She's no longer weighted down by her fur coat and the heat; instead, she's a bouncy puppy full of vim and vigor!  She bolts through the neighborhood streets like it's her first time outside.  Now she's a happy puppy laying on her bed fading into her mid-morning nap.  I love that dog SO much!

Ok, so to the real purpose of this post:  another fall recipe to add to our collection!  Today's featured seasonal food is zucchini squash.  This recipe, one that my Momma gave to me and I am not sure where it came from (probably my grandmother), is called Baked Squash.  It's a cheesy delectable, which will likely make it more enjoyable for some of your kiddos.  By its ingredients, you can tell it's a true southern fare <grin>.  It's a wonderful accompaniment to beef, poultry or pork, and it's very simple to make, the best feature of all.

Baked Squash

Baked Squash

6-8 medium zucchini squash, cut in 1/2 inch slices
1 can chopped green chiles
2 small cans of mushroom pieces
1 jar pimento
1 jar of Cheez Whiz (plain)
Ritz crackers (about 20-25 crackers)

Cook the sliced zucchini squash in a small amount of salted water until it's almost done.  Drain the squash well in a colander.  In a casserole dish, mix the green chiles, mushroom pieces, pimento and Cheez Whiz, mixing well.  Add zucchini squash to the casserole dish and mix well into the cheese mixture.  Crush the Ritz crackers and sprinkle on top of the zucchini mixture.  Bake at 400 degrees until browned and warmed thoroughly.

If you're posting a favorite fall recipe of yours on your blog, share it with us!  Link to your specific blog post and add it to Mr. Linky below.  Happy Tuesday to ya!


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