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The Gift of Unsolicited Advice

What sorts of things really excite you?  Maybe something you've been waiting for a long time and it comes to fruition?  Or something you've worked really hard at and that work has paid off in some way? An answer to prayer after fervently being on your knees?  Time with your family?  An extra hour of sleep?  For me, there are some staples in my life that fit into the category of pure joy, usually pertaining to my hubby and puppy.  Or vacation <grin>.  Oh, and chocolate. 

Last night on our way home from small group, I discovered something I never thought would excite me to the degree in which it did last night and will throughout today:  unsolicited advice on parenting!  Now don't get me wrong, I have a handful of precious mommy girlfriends and women in my life that when they speak about mommyhood, my ears perk up and listen like a hawk to record what they tell me so that I can learn from it; their thoughts are so welcomed!  But you know what I mean, when that belly starts popping out, you start receiving advice from all over the place...and some of it, like an offer for an actual demonstration with someone else's baby of how to nurse, some of you just might not want to get. 

To encourage me after leaving a comment on her blog post about "How Parenting is Like Golf", fellow blogger, Antique Mommy, posted a blog entitled "What Every New Mom Should Know", in which she listed for me "everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a mom but was smart enough not to ask".  I loved all the points in her list for different reasons, but my two top favorites: 

  • Never forget that motherhood is the most precious season in a woman’s life. Wring the joy out of every day.

And that's not all!  Then she asked her readers, if they had good mom advice for me, to leave it in the comments!  At the time of publishing this post, there were 33 comments from her readers who took the time to encourage and bless me with their thoughts and advice about being a new mommy!  Some have shared vulnerably from their heart.  Some have made me laugh so hard.  Some have brought a renewed sense of anticipation and joy in the coming of Polka.  Some have given me the reminder to be myself, to not worry, to not take myself so seriously.  Some have given much needed practical advice.  I feel like I've received my own personal handbook of parenting put together just for me.  I highly encourage you to take time to read the post here, and don't miss out on the comments, because they're priceless!  If you want to add your own comment with advice over there, go for it!  The more, the merrier <grin>. 

I now have one thing I know I'm going to be doing this weekend while Matt's playing basketball on our "babymoon":  re-reading all of the comments, and I hope to get back to each person who left one.  That's a goal, but in the meantime, thank you Antique Mommy for this awesome surprise!  And thank you to all you Antique Mommy readers who took the time to leave a comment to encourage and bless me!  I'm still flying high from the excitement of receiving this unsolicited advice, and am so grateful for your kind words.  Boy, this little engine is chuggin' along with a lot more steam!  Thanks, ya'll!!


Oh my gosh! It was WONDERFUL of her to do that for you! I just got done reading it and all the comments and it was Perfect! I forwarded it to my husband!

That is an awesome blog post and a great gift to you. It was just what I needed too! I loved reading every word. I can resonate with so much of it. After a rough, fussy day with Guy, he broke out with his first smile! It put everything in perspective...and had me in tears :)

Can I jump on the bandwagon? I (almost) never give unsolicited advice, because it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine to GET it! But I don't wanna miss my chance! So... (ahem) #1: BE CONSISTANT!
;) There it is. Thanks!

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