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After being in CO two weeks ago and then having family in town, I'm still trying to get a footing on my routine; I feel all thrown off sorts this week getting back into the swing of things.  I even rushed through my Bible study lesson (I'm studying Exodus) to have it completed by Wednesday, but I went through it so quickly I can't even tell you anything I really learned about it.  <very sad face>  Although, I did manage to clean the house, do laundry, iron and complete a whole list of other things that took priority over the Bible study...so typical of me!  Alas, I think I'm finally back into the routine and things are in order, at least for the time being.  I keep having this feeling that Polka is going to come early, before I get through all of my 'to-do' list.  That would be something that would totally happen to me as I plan to have everything in order and organized before Polka comes.  So I truly wonder if the life-long, ongoing lesson of learning to let go is going to come before my time-table has it scheduled. <deep sigh> 

I just got off Skype with my friend, Corrie, who lives overseas.  She and Jonathan had their first-born son, Guy, on the 15th of September.  How it brings joy to my heart to be able to talk to her!  The little handy webcam Corrie gave to us is awesome because I can see all three of their precious faces, too!  I just want to reach out and squeeze those full cheeks of Guy's...he's already grown so much from the first pictures I saw of him!  He's a spitting image of his daddy.

Not sure if you noticed, but on this week's The Foodie's Fall Cornucopia... post, my friend Lindsey linked to one of her favorite fall recipes that she posted on her blog!  Click here to see my post and scroll down to the Mr. Linky section and you'll see her entry (she's the 2nd one).  Just click on it and it'll take you to her awesome Pumpkin Crunch recipe.  Lindsey is also the one who came up with the most perfect caption to the picture I posted of the mummy next to the Christmas decorations:  I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus!  She's so good at naturally and effortlessly coming up with stuff like that while I sit in front of the computer racking my brain trying to think of something creative.

I also loved hearing the stories you shared about fun things your little people friends or family have said or done recently!  For those of you who didn't see the comments left on that post, you should take a quick look (click here), because they are quite precious and will make you laugh.

The morning chill in the air this week has been quite enjoyable!  It's put me in the mood to make soup.  I'm going to try out Amanda's favorite soup recipe next week:  Roasted Chicken and Wild Rice.  For those of you who love soup or want to try out a variety of soups in your menu this coming month, I discovered a fun little calendar called "Your Daily Soup" on Cooking Light's website.  Each day throughout the month of October, they're featuring a different soup.  You can hover over the calendar and take a sneak peek at what they have to offer; they sound might fine!  Click here for the calendar.

Finally, we had our 28 week doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  It was a big appointment as I took my glucose and iron tests and had my rhogam and flu shots.  Everything came back great and Polka looked nice and healthy, so onward we go, faster and faster it seems.    I don't feel all that great today, but I've gotta start feeling better because we have a very big thing going on tomorrow, a very big thing:  our childbirth class!  It's all day long.  Goodness!  We'll probably be on info overload and hopefully not too overwhelmed; I'd much rather have fun and laughable stories about it to tell you on Monday versus the alternative.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...any fun plans to share?  Well, until Monday, onward we go...


I will be anxious to hear about your child birth class - I am looking forward to that!

Good job getting the childbirth class in early. We were scheduled for one on September 15th~the day Guy came! Loved chatting with you yesterday. Have a great weekend!

You know I am not going to be able to give my official guess of the sex of the baby until I see more current pictures of you! How about another side view and a front view. This is very scientific you know:)

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