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I'm up pretty early this morning because I couldn't sleep; I've had many things mulling over in my mind.  One of which is...

Over the past two weeks, I've been reading a few of the smaller books of the Bible such as Ezra, Nehemiah and Malachi.  And it's gotten me thinking:  what will it take for our country, in particular, to seek the Lord and turn from our wicked ways so that we may be forgiven and healed (2 Chronicles 7:14)?  As the story of the Israelites rebuilding Jerusalem is told throughout some of the aforementioned books, their unified workmanship was also accompanied by repentance, by a realization from the Spirit of God that they had not revered the Creator of Heaven and earth as they were purposed to, that they had succumbed to temptation and worshiped other gods.  As a result of this Spirit-led conviction, they turned and repented. 

While not wanting to overspiritualize the things that I'm seeing, at the same time, I want to be watchful and discerning, recognizing how the Lord is moving and working, to not be blind to the things that are taking place around me, in our nation and in the world.  With seeing some of the things that are taking place (i.e. the financial crisis, being at the precipice of a significant presidential election), I have never been led to pray as much as I am now for the strength, help and perseverance to stand strong and faithful to Jesus Christ as He does whatever it takes to draw people to Himself.  There will be sifting.  And I long to be found faithful.  I know myself well enough to know that I am easily swept up into the tide of the culture around me.  I recognize that our culture is in a place where greed, lust, disrespect for authority, viciousness, and the seeking of one's own independent rights and happiness has swallowed us to the point where we can't even recognize it or name it for what it is:  sin, and sin that I easily fall into myself. 

The Old Testament concludes with the book of Malachi, where the Lord shares with His people the ways they have fallen short of esteeming, obeying, and revering Him, with a cry to them to, "Return to Me," (Malachi 3:7).  The book ends with the promise of hope for those who fear His Name and prophecies about the one who would prepare the way of the Lord (John the Baptist).  I am blessed in that I wasn't one of the Israelites that waited another 400 years after the writing of Malachi to hear about the coming of Jesus, the One and Only who came into the world to give us hope and rescue us from the sin that so engulfs us.  I simply turned a few pages to see that He has given us a way to return to Himself, to be in true security, to be saved.

Forgive me if the above thoughts are more random and don't flow so well; remember, it's early.  They are just a prelude to what I really want you to take a moment to read.  Some of you may have already read it.  But the author puts what has been on my heart into words that I couldn't have conveyed as poignantly and articulately.  It's important to read.  Click here to read There is a Rescuer by Amanda Jones.


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