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Best of 2008 in Pics

Jules from The Roost is hosting a 2008 New Year's picture party where she's posted her top 10 pictures of 2008, and I wanted to join in the fun!  She's got some sweet and funny pictures posted that capture some of her most favorite moments of 2008; click here to see her post.  There are a number of other bloggers who are also participating so be sure to check them out as well.  2008 has been, well, a very eventful year!  Here are 10 of some of my favorite and momentous photos from the past year, in chronological order (and I could post SO many was very hard to choose)!


 Hubby turned 30! Last January, we had a grand ol' time celebrating this momentous birthday of Matt's.  His parents and two sisters came into town and my parents joined in the festivities as well.  This year, it's my turn!  <grin>

Picture 011

Matt's first 10k race:  Austin's Capitol 10k.  I was supposed to run in it as well, but I was stuck with Darth Vader.

Picture 014

 This was a photo shoot I had with Molly the night of May 4th.  Not only is she my baby girl and I love taking photos of this beautiful Lab, but we were taking the picture to be used in an email announcing the creation of Spicy Magnolia.  AND, it was taken just a few hours before we found out we were pregnant with Polka!

Picture 001

My brother, Mac, and I met up in Las Cruces, NM the end of May to visit our grandmother, Gaga.  It was such a special trip!  Here she and I are at Wienerschnitzel eating chili cheese satisfy a craving I was having.  As Mackie and I drove away from her house in tears, we weren't sure if it was going to be our last time to visit her.  Just about six weeks later, she went to be with Jesus for eternity, but I had a priceless time with this most dear lady the few days before she saw Him face to face.  Aside from the news of and carrying Polka, the time I spent with Gaga as well as with my Momma going through all of Gaga's house was one of the most impactful and meaningful of the year, as well as in my life.

Picutre 009
Also in May, hubby and I got to go to St. Louis to visit our baby nephew, Jadon!  It was an awesome weekend!

Copy (2) of image0

Of course, the news of baby Polka is at the top of the year!  It was rather a shock at first, which you can read all the intimate details of here, here and here.  <grin>  But this ultrasound picture is my absolute favorite, and I am getting super excited to meet this precious baby!
Pictures 044
Me and hubby on our babymoon in San Antonio!  Wow, what a vacation!

Decorating the nursery with my parents was definitely a highlight of the year!  They came one weekend in September to help paint and then another in November to put all of the fun finishing touches on it!  Right now, it's pretty much one of the only rooms in our house not covered in saw dust.

Picture 035
Thanksgiving weekend!!  Our girl time decorating our gingerbread homes and having glorious spa treatments was the best!

Anniversary dinner
This picture encapsulates a whole lot!  Our 6 year anniversary, dear friends, our house flooding, and a VERY memorable Christmas Eve and Christmas!

Things with the house right now are taking up more time and energy than what we anticipated, so most nights, we find ourselves crashing after a long day of making decisions, greeting workmen after workmen, and running around town on errands.  Matt wants me to stay up tonight to watch the ball drop, but we'll see if I make it.  Other than that, we don't have any spectacular New Year's Eve plans.  But I'm sure some of you do...what are they?

I hope ya'll have a fun and safe night, and as Beth Moore wonderfully put it, may 2009 be "a Jesus year" for each of us!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


What a great 2008 and looks like an even more exciting new year ahead for you both. Wishing you all the best on this new adventure. Happy New Year!

I am SO glad you joined us! I love your pictures and can't wait to see your beautiful baby! Happy New Year! :)

Wonderful pictures! Sounds like your in store for an even more exciting 2009!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

That is an awesome sonogram pic! And I love the one of you and your beautiful Lab.
I hope you have a wonderful and easy delivery, enjoy it, and savor these last few days of being a family of will be a long time until you are alone again!

Happy New Year!

Great pictures! Love the sonogram pic - congrats on your pregnancy and Happy New Year!

What a delightful year in review! Congratulations on the baby! How exciting! God bless you this year!

We attended a wedding last night...made New Year's Eve quite special. But by midnight I was in bed watching the ball drop in New York City, on TV. Did you make it to that moment? :-) Your pictures speak volumes!

The picture of you in San Anotnio is awesome!

I love your pic of the gingerbread houses...wish we had that tradition in South Africa. Congrats on the baby.

Happy New Year!

loved your year, your grandmother sounds like a delight, will be following your blog!

Stopping over from The Roost! Looks like 2008 was a good year for you. Congratulations on Polka - that ultrasound is so sweet. Oh and the gingerbread homes are amazing! Happy New Year!

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