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Today is December 9, 2008.  Exactly one month from today is Polka's due date.  One month, Internet peeps.  Thirty-one days from now.  Can I say, "Oh, my goodness gracious!"?  I had a nurse's visit last Friday and originally I wasn't supposed to start my weekly doctor's visits until next week, but they wanted to move it on up to this week.  So this morning, we marked the beginning of our last month with Polka in my belly with my first of the weekly doctor's visits I'll have until Polka is here.  I was really excited about this appointment:  we'd have the first sonogram we've had in awhile, the doc would estimate the baby's birth weight, confirm if Polka is head down, and see how my body is progressing in prepping for the inevitable. 

Well, everything continues to look great!  Polka is head down and currently weighs approximately 5.5 pounds, so the doc estimates Polka will be around 7.5 pounds at birth.  And after doing some of the not-so-fun examinations, he declared that, "This baby ain't comin' before Christmas."  More time for me and hubby!  Yeah!  As all of the sonograms we've had before, Polka's hands are still up around his/her face.  But we got a precious view of the face.  It's still not that clear, but we can make out the eyelids, nose and lips.  And Polka's cheeks look like they're already nice and chubby! <grin>

For those wondering, we still don't know whether Polka is a boy or girl.  For the life of us, we cannot tell what baby parts we're looking at during the ultrasound; we could barely make out Polka's facial features.  They all have to be pointed out to us.  And our doctor pretty much avoids Polka's bottom half, but truly, I don't think we'd be able to pick up on what we're looking at even if we were staring right at it!  So it's gonna truly be a surprise!

I must say though, as soon as the doctor left our room, I burst into tears.  All the fears of the unknowns ahead of us, particularly about labor and delivery at this point, came rushing to the surface.  I won't expound, but all of the emotions of what is transpiring are very raw at this point.  Fortunately, me and hubby had something fun to do afterward:  pick out baby announcements!  We went to a great little stationary store called Hayden Avery, and we have a boy card and a girl card all picked out with the wording and everything.  So with one phone call and a few details to fill in the missing pieces, they'll go to print! 

Here's the latest belly shot we took this morning before heading out to the doc's.  Oh, and that red and white jingle collar is Molly's Christmas collar given to her by her Gamma and Gampa!  She wears it when Matt's not home <grin>. 

35.5 weeks


First of all you look fantastic. Second the nurses will do an amazing job and help you and Matt through everything. Third you were made to do this and you can!!!!!

Just remember if you can't go another hour with the pain...order drugs...there is no shame in doing it. This is an important lesson I didn't learn the first time but got it down the second and third:)

The last 3 items are things I think about before labor.

That's my pep talk! Praying for a December baby:)

Call if you want to talk!

We can't tell what we are looking at in the sonograms, either, so it's going to be a real surprise for us, as well! You look great! You don't look big enough to be a month away!

Hang in there. I have less than a month myself. My OB doesn't seem to do internal exams, unless I ask. Very laid back about the whole thing.

Have you taken any childbirth classes? We armed ourselves with as much info as possible. AND I have a doula.

Now, if THIS stubborn baby will just turn....

Hi, Katie! Thanks for the pep talk...can always use one of those! :)
Truly, I appreciate it. I'm kinda hoping for a December baby myself...late
December, after Christmas. :)

I'm testing out some new comment features on the blog...can you let me know
if you get notice of this reply via email? Thanks and a big hug to you!

Yes, we took childbirth classes and for the most part we know what to
expect. I'm just still scared. Not of anything going wrong, but just
scared about the whole process. I hope your baby turns, too!

You look so cute! I am so excited for you and I think it is the neatest thing that you don't know. It adds to the whole experience! :)

you're looking good and cute!!! I'm glad the baby is growing nicely! :D

There is nothing to fear about labor...nothing. I am a labor doula, and have birthed four of my own kids. If you have any questions, or need to hear some positive birth stories...feel free to ask.


I can't believe you're already a month from your due date! I'm so excited for you & Matt. And I agree with all the other comments on your cuteness. :) You look adorable!!!

You and Polka are beautiful! I am praying that your delivery is an awesome experience! I am already excited about doing it again :)

Thank you, Miss Corrie!! I really appreciate your prayers and I can't
believe you're already excited about doing it again...somethin' we must chat
about....soon! :)

You look so great. We can't wait to meet Polka someday soon!

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