You'll Never Guess Where I Am
One Week Later...

A Drum Roll, please...

Introducing for the first time, the newest member of this spicy family, Brennan Matthew!  Our baby boy was born on Friday evening at 6:47 PM CST.  He weighed in at 7 lbs, 15 oz, and is 19 3/4" in length.  This handsome baby boy is already very loved and we are thankful that he and Mommy are healthy and doing well.  Each passing moment we are learning new things, a reoccurring lesson is realzing how much more we have to learn!  (I think that one will last a lifetime).  But it has been a joy to experience so many "firsts" and to learn how we all can work together as a family.

Thank you all for your many prayers and encouraging words throughout this pregnancy.  Below is your first peak at our new son. 


Sunday will be a fun day as we anticipate introducing Brennan to Molly!  Once we can recognize which direction is up again, Meg will post some of her own words about her new beloved baby.

*** This message was brought to you by "coach Matt" ***


oh...he is beautiful.......
Congratulations. Best of luck with him!
Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations!! He is BEAUTIFUL :o)

So sweet when they are sleeping! Don't worry if Molly is a bit blown away at first. Once Brennan starts feeding her they will become thick as thieves. Sometimes I wonder if Nathan and Bailey are conspiring a plan against me! They work as quite a team.

Yeah! Congrats on your handsome boy!

We are sooooo proud of you guys! You did it & you gave us a beautiful grandson! Welcome home!

congratssss!! wohooooo!!! a beautiful cute little boy!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Congratulations! He is such a handsome boy! Good work Meg, and coach Matt! Move over Molly :)........

So sweet! I LOVE him! Great job Scullys!

Brennan is so precious!! You guys are a great team!!

Aww he is adorable! I'm so happy for you guys...good job!

Sooo happy for you!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news! I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well! Blessings to your whole family!

When we brought our son home from the hospital, our female black lab, Pearl, was so protective of him -- as though he were HER baby!! Who knows? Molly may turn into a little protective Mama! Either way, she'll have a great playmate when Brennan is a little older!

Much joy to you!

A hearty congratulations, and a warm welcome to little Brennan! He is truly beautiful!

He is so handsome! Congrats Mama! I can't wait to hear how it all went!

CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Welcome, Brennan! We are so glad you've arrived. God bless your precious family.

Hi Meg! You don't have any idea how glad I was when Matt finally posted! I checked your blog constantly Friday and Saturday - I was obsessed. Especially with what was going on with Kelly and Haper/Jenna and Brayden, I desperately wanted reassurance that all was well with you! I was SO Happy to see that gorgeous picture and know that Mama and beautiful Polka BOY were well! CONGRATULATIONS. I am sure that you are exhausted. I hope your coming home went well and Molly handled her competition with Grace. :) Hope to hear from you very soon! Blessings, Sara

OH I am so thankful he is here healthy and beautiful! :)

I keep coming back to look at him!

How fun to come to your site and see this absolutely gorgeous picture of your precious little boy. Brennan, we are thrilled you're here!

So fun that he and Harper have the same birthay!!!
He looks just perfect!!! Congrats!!!!

Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to meet him.

He is just precious. Congratulations, and my love to all four of you (Meg, Matt, Brennan, and Molly)!

Congratulations! I found your blog through Kelly's. I can't wait to read updates.

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