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Home Sweet Home

Eleven blowers; 2 dehumidifiers; 4 nights in a hotel room; 85 feet of new baseboard; new laundry cabinets; 30 feet of new pine wood paneling; a new washing machine; a new water softener; 2 painters; 1 carpenter; 3 carpet installers; at least 1000 square feet of new carpet; thousands of dollars; 2.5 weeks; an extreme rollercoaster of emotions; and countless man hours of research, repairs, replacements and cleaning later...we have our home back!  Home sweet home! 

The carpets weren't supposed to be installed until this coming Monday, but we got the wonderful news that there had been a cancellation and they were able to come this morning!  I'm a little afraid to celebrate too much or revel in our home's readiness and cleanliness for Polka, because by golly, I'm sittin' on the edge of my chair waiting for something else to start fallin' apart!  But nevertheless, deep thankfulness abounds in my heart for all of the prayers, encouragement and help we've received, as well as for the Lord's sweet stability and grace to get us through and line up all of the repairs/replacements smoothly and timely.  Truly, I am so thankful.

If I can rest up and get a few things ironed in the next two hours, me and hubby might go out for dinner.  Thanks to the generosity of Matt's folks, we have a gift card to use for Jasper's.  And I can't tell you how many things look down right delectable to me on their menu!  Bring it on!  This girl is hungry and ready to par-tay (as much as you can at 40 weeks of pregnancy)! 

By the way, I give Molly 48 hours before she has an upset stomach and gets sick on the new carpet.  It's gotta happen sometime!  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, and I hope ya'll are doing really well!


Praise God for this great surprise of early carpet!! Polka is being one obedient baby waiting for the house to be back in order prior to making his/her arrival :) Enjoy your night out with Matt!

I am eating vicariously through you...I am on the other end of things...trying to watch what I eat to lose the baby weight. Enjoy it now!!!

I think Rob and I should vacation in Austin sometime and just eat our way through it:)

Love, Katie
Molly could throw up on it or your water could break all over! (I am trying to be funny not discouraging).

YEAH for "new" home!!!

BAH to animals who throw up on carpets....why can't they just go to the kitchen and throw up on the tile. For Pete's sake. I feel the same about my cat.

In spite of all that's gone on, I have this feeling there's been Divine mercy and timing in it all. You've certainly been tried, but it sure looks like God's been with you through it all! This is so incredible. I'm so glad you have your home back and all is ready for Polka. May the lull be pure bliss.

Wohoo!! Well, you almost get a brand new house with all the changes. :) And I hope Molly keeps her food in her tummy, not on the carpet!

I love to get food gift cards! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Yay for a house that's put together and Polka-ready! I'm so glad everything came together. Thinking of you and praying for you!

So glad you were able to go for dinner--it looked like it would be the perfect place to be waited on & pampered--so happy the food was a hit! and that you could enjoy it knowing all was well in your home. When we come maybe we could babysit & give you 2 a date nite or 2 hours + if Polka doesn't mind.

Woohoo! I'm glad everything is back to normal!

I loved the comment about Molly and the carpet! It reminds me of what my mother says about buying a new car: "You may as well walk right out and put a scratch on the paint with your keys. That way you won't completely fall apart when the next scratch or ding appears." (Of course, you could always back right into a tree within a week, which is what she did when she bought her last one....!)

Here's hoping that Molly lets you enjoy that carpet for a long time!

We will definitely take you up on the date night offer!! :) :)

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