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It's Time...


For Some Football!

Oh, was that cruel?  I'm sorry.  I just couldn't resist setting up the title as a little tease!  I don't get to do that very often, so it was fun for me.  Sorry that it had to be at my Internet peeps' expense.  <chuckle>  <big grin>

But yes, time for some football!  Anyone catching the BCS National Championship game tonight with Florida and Oklahoma?  If so, are you watching it in the comforts of your own home or going out and watching it with friends?  Hubby and I did make it out to Jasper's last night and boy, it was all that yumminess I thought it would be and more so!  And tonight we'll settle in for the bowl game and a pepperoni and pineapple pizza, courtesy of Sam's Club and a can of Dole's pineapple.  I guess I'm writing a lot about food lately, huh?  Oh, the comfort of food I tell ya.  You should have heard me leaving the restaurant last night, reminiscing about each tasty bite I had of the Texas peach barbecued pork tenderloin with bourbon creamed sweet corn and the two chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies I savored.  Seriously, the longer Polka takes to get here, the more my defenses are down about the food I eat!  Dangerous, oh so dangerous.  At least I'm walking Molly still...and because it's been unseasonably warm in Texas right now, she's running out of energy before me!  You would have thought she was the pregnant one!

So here's to another night at home, puttin' our feet up!  And don't worry, next time there's a title such as the one I used today, it will be for the real thing!  <grin> 

Happy Thursday (a.k.a. "the beginning of the weekend", if you're like me)!


Unseasonably warm? Woman, it's been in the 30s here! Well, today is nice, but we had a cold front come through Sunday and it's been bitter this week. I am ready for unseasonably warm!

It sounds like you are doing great! I am so happy to hear that!

Oh you had me so excited when I saw the title! Not nice! :-) Have fun tonight!

boy, u sure got me with that title! hahaha!

I am watching the game now and it is half time! They are both really good! I think I am ready for football to end and Idol begin! LOL

Oh, my goodness! You really had me there! I couldn't get online last night for some odd reason and we've been visiting grandparents ALL day today, so I haven't been able to read all of my blogs until now.

Good one!

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