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Hey, Internet peeps!  So our appointment this morning wasn't quite what we expected, only because our doctor ended up not being there.  So we weren't able to get a good read on what the week might hold.  Polka was moving like crazy and so it was hard to get a good read on the non-stress test, but from what it looked like, Polka is still a happy camper.  I haven't made any progress whatsoever; I'm still 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced.  I go back in Wednesday afternoon for another exam and non-stress test.  We do know, however, that on Wednesday we're looking at likely scheduling something by the end of the week, if not early next week:  either an induction if I'm at least 3-4 cm dilated and have made some significant progression, or a c-section if I haven't made much progression.  I'm still processing everything right now...I'm not sure what to think about it all.  No contractions today yet...just lots of Polka moving and stretching.  Thanks for all the comments of love, encouragement, and cheering on!  As for tonight, we'll be catching some more 24 and maybe some spicy Mexican food from Chuy's!

Any of you catch 24 last night?  Oh.  My.  Word.  Jack Bauer is back, baby!  He's sure been missed.  And if watching the second half of the intense season premiere tonight doesn't send me into labor, then I don't know what will! 
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It's been AWESOME having extra days with the hubby and puppy before Polka comes.  And the puppy has sure been spoiled.  We've played, walked, brought her up into bed with us to watch a movie, and she's been smothered with lovies.  

Hubby and I made it out to go baby clothes shopping!  Thanks to the recommendation of my dear friend, Lindsey, Matt and I each picked out one outfit for each gender.  We first ventured out to find some outfits on Friday night and it ended rather dastardly with me in tears and nothing bought.  What was to be a fun date turned into a night of overwhelming pressure that carried through until mid-day Saturday.  It was a typical "Meghan" thing to have happen.  I was simply gripped by fear, comparison, and the pressure to have everything figured out...yes, about the baby clothes because I had NO idea what I was doing, as well as parenting itself.  After Lindsey's sweet, encouraging email in response to my outpouring of emotion, Matt and I felt like we should give it another go, and it turned out much better! 

Janie and Jack was having an awesome sale and had a great selection of little girl clothes!  I must say, both me and hubby are much more excited about the little girl clothes we bought than we are the boy ones.  We ventured over to Baby Gap for the boy clothes.  They didn't have that great of a selection, but we still found some cute things.  I kept inadvertently saying to Matt, "I can't wait to go shopping for an Easter dress!"  But I don't know if I'm gonna go Easter dress shopping yet!  I might be shopping for a little Easter suit!

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Picture 032

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So I'm off to a doctor's appointment later this morning to have another non-stress test and to see how we're progressing.  For the past several days, I'll have an hour's worth of regular contractions and then they fade out.  Polka's a little tease...just like his/her Mommy!  I'll post an update later this afternoon.  In the meantime, I sent Matt off to work, which was the last place he thought he'd be today and where he'll get slammed with questions like, "Where's the baby??".  I, on the other hand, am enjoying a glass of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate milk in the quiet stillness of my home before getting ready for the day and walking Moos.  She's just too irresistible not to! 


Love the outfits!

I have immense stress over how to care for a newborn. I am blessed to have encouraging friends, as well.

The outfits are so cute!

Good job having contractions! Any work your body does now means less work in labor!

Praying for you!

Aww love the outfits, good job! Hang in there, it can definitely seem overwhelming at times but it sounds like you have a great support system.

You're right! Girls' clothes are so much cuter than boys' clothes. But boys' clothes are so easy! We were lucky in that Tater Tot was born in July. We put him in onesies and we were done! By the time winter came around, he was old enough for cute little knit pants from the Gap. Like I said....easy!

Every time I go shopping for him, though, I glance over a the girls' section. There's so much more variety.

We're all sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the big announcement! :)

Give sweet Molly a tummy rub from a Lab lover in Tennessee!

cute dressss!!!

Love the outfits! I'm a fan of Janie and Jack & Baby Gap too. Having a boy, I find I drool at all the cute girl clothes and how easy they are to find. I guess it just means I have to work harder to find the handsome little boy clothes. I'm glad you found some cute stuff for both genders.
Keep enjoying your time until Polka's arrival and remember that you've got a whole host of family, friends and bloggie buddies who love you!

Cute outfits - I'm afraid girls clothes are just much more fun than boys clothes. But boys are adorable!
I had to make a few stops today around town and it's fun when people say "when are you due" and my answer is...."TODAY!". ha!
We had to miss church yesterday and I probably was glad because everyone swarmed my best friend with questions of where we were and was I in labor (because it's not like us to ever miss church). ha!

Great suggestion from Lindsey! I've never been to their store, but I have two ADORABLE baby boy outfits from Janie and Jack (gifts, of course). Even though it is really too cold for him to wear one of them now, I put on the layers underneath and make him wear it anyway. He'll outgrow it by the time it's season-appropriate, so I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

not that i'm cheering one way or the other, but i like the overalls!!!!! hehehe Maybe if it's a girl you can still keep them :)

you 2 did great on the outfits! I must confess I'm drawn the to little girl clothes but Kim has not slowed up in finding adorable outfits for Jadon --so she'd be glad to help.

It sounds like Polka is doing His/her part with stretching and wiggles to make things pop! Keep it up Polka!

What cute little outfits. I can hardly wait to see Polka in them - some - of them! lol I'm eager for pictures. Still praying.

Okay, so once you pass your due date, the office visits become more frequent than once a week, I guess. It seems like you've gone every other day since the due date, is that right?

Hang in there, Polka knows what he or she is doing!

Precious choices from both of you--love those sweet outfits!! As tempting as buying baby boy clothes has been for me the last year and a half(and the budget), it's probably merciful that I'm not tempted by girl clothes. They are just so much fun. I just read your update and am hoping that you got some of that Chuy's (or something equally delicious) tonight. Can't wait!!

I love shopping for baby clothes! You both did a great job. Thanks for all the posts! All of us are waiting with baited breath to hear the exciting news that Polka has made a grand appearance.

Cute clothes! Adorable and sweet and tiny and adorable and cute!!!

Your blog is great! I have young children, and reading your blog brings back memories. I was overdue with my second child by a full week. There's a ton of books and other information out there for parents, and it can become overwhelming. I refer to the Parent Coaching Institute and its Web site www.thepci.org as a valuable resource for our family, with its articles, Parent Appreciation Radio recordings, and parent coach referrals. Thought I would pass this info along to you. Wishing you and your growing family all the best in 2009!

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