Coming out From Under My Shell
A Drum Roll, please...

You'll Never Guess Where I Am

Well, what was supposed to be a quick, 7:30 a.m. doctor's appointment turned into a 2 hour visit and a most unexpected turn of events!  Putting me on the fetal monitor showed that for the past 24 hours I guess I've been in early labor (I had contractions all day yesterday, but I couldn't ever pick up a regular pattern), and I progressed to a point where I should head on over to the hospital!  I couldn't believe it!  I even told Matt to stay home, that he didn't need to come to this appointment, and I was headed to my first MOPS meeting afterward.  It also turns out that my doctor is working at the hospital today in surgery and is available to deliver (hoping that Polka comes before he leaves for the night).  So the nurse called him up and told him my status and he said, "Let's do this thing!"

So Matt came right away with my bag, my stuffed Molly and a picture of my real baby girl <grin>, and we have been in my room now since 10:00 a.m.  I'm hooked up to an IV, my doctor broke my water, and I'm on a bit of Pitocin to keep things progressing at a healthy rate.  This is absolutely crazy and the last thing I expected today...but here's to embracing the wonderfully unexpected!!

I can't wait to introduce you to baby Polka!! 


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear more...sending you easy labor vibes. I love you!!!

Joyfully and earnestly praying for you! Thank you so much for posting!!!!!!!!

Yay yay yay!!! I'm so excited for you! I hope you have a smooth and easy labor!

Wow , your are amazing able to post through all of this--we can't wait to find out the answers to all the surprises! In the meantime prayers are going up from C'ville! Love you!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Keep us updated! I am so so so glad your doctor will be there - I know you were worried about that.

NO WAY! That is great news! It's really here--praying for you, Matt and Polka. Lots of love!!

Oh, Wow! Can't wait to meet Polka!

Ok, I signed on to tell you to keep in your shell, a lot is heading your way! But, you are on the way! Was that a tip in your post? Yay (just in case); although, I gladly embrace both boys and girls! :) Will be praying for you! Close enough to "daddy's" birthday without having to share. Looks like Matt will have a baby for his birthday. :)

Hopefully it will be as easy as Kelly's labor. I was on her blog waiting to hear the news when I click on your blog. Hope Polka is here soon :o)

Ohhhhhhh, this is amazing! We are so excited. God bless you and your whole family! We're going through this with you.

Great news! I'm looking forward to updates!

Yeah for epidurals! I didn't get mine for 18 hours, which is why there was no way I was updating anyone!!

Blessings. Hope by now you have a baby!

Guy and I got up this morning to see if Aunt Meg had given birth to his new buddy! I see there's no new news, so we'll keep cheering you on and praying for you until we hear something!

YAY!!! Finally! Can't wait!!! WOHOOOO. Hopefully, it'll be fast! :P

I have to post again because I am just dying to hear some news! Hope everything is going okay!

Looking forward to meeting baby Polka...hope all was smooth.

OMGOSH!!! Can't wait to see your new little angel! :)

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