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Hi, folks!  Guess what I'm gonna finally going to work on after this quick little post:  the low down (a modest rendition) of Brennan's birth and the rest of my answers to your questions!  My aim is to post them by Friday, so keep checkin' up on me. 

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a tad bit of link love to check out some posts and articles that have caught my attention recently.  They either got me thinkin', thankin', cryin' (a good cry), or chucklin', so enjoy!

Tina at Antique Mommy comes up with the most original posts about mommyhood!  I've bookmarked one of her most recent posts called, "The Resume", in which she very strategically toyed with words to create her resume.  Yes, I bookmarked it in case I ever need to steal borrow her wording for my own resume. 

My brother, Mac, sent us a very poignant and fascinating editorial that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in January called "Atlas Shrugged: From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years".  While I've never personally read this particular Ayn Rand novel, I found the comparison of the current economic situation to her classic piece intriguing and insightful.  Maybe Washington perked up upon reading it? 

Speaking of my brother, he and Julie come into town this weekend to meet Brennan!  Matt and I are cashing in our first coupon and asking my folks to babysit for us on Saturday night so we can go out on the town with Mac, Julie, and some other dear friends, including my pseudo younger brother, Oscar, and his precious wife, Candis.  Meems and Pops jumped at the opportunity to babysit...I think Brennan already has them wrapped around his little finger!

My first week at home on my own has gone pretty well.  Today has been a really nice day with my baby boy, as was Monday.  Yesterday was a little rocky, and I must admit that there are times when I wish for my old life back.  Maybe being married 6 years before having kids made me much more content and comfortable in our way of life than I realized.  But then I have other priceless moments of sheer joy holding Brennan and looking into his eyes, ever so thankful for the gift that he is. 

One of the blog posts that has meant the most to me was a post written this week by Beth Moore called, "Before Baby Girl Comes".  At the time of the post, Beth's eldest daughter, Amanda, was 38 weeks pregnant with their second child, a baby girl.  (Baby Annabeth came a bit early and was born yesterday!)  Amanda's firstborn is a nearly 3 year old "unstoppable little force" named Jackson, and Beth wrote a lovely, moving post about who Amanda is as a mommy to Jackson.  I love the way Beth writes!  I was in tears of joy, thanksgiving, and prayerful longing as I read about being a mommy to a little boy, hoping that I would be such a mommy to Brennan.  So far, Brennan is pure sweetness and gentleness.  But who knows?  He may quickly develop into a rough and tumble precocious boy that gets into anything and everything...just like his Uncle Mac.  If that's the case, may the Lord have mercy on me! <grin> I know many of you blog readers who know of Mac's childhood would echo that prayer for me! 
But I long to be a joyous and patient boy's momma, ready for the anything and everything that will come from being a mommy to my handsome boy. 


i think you are testing Mac to see how long it takes him to read this blog and defend his honor. My guess is that he still hasn't read it by the time we see you! And we can all laugh at his ignorance?

I am very axious to hear the birth story!

Meg - thanks for the link to "before baby girl comes". I have this very boy and as I had just finished wrestling with him - nearly sustaining a bloody nose and a black eye - it did bring a few tears. Boys have such a curious nature and they explore by doing. Sounds like you guys are doing great flying solo! I never expected to mourn my pre-child life as I did, with so large a blessing comes such a large responsibility.

Ooooh. But wouldn't a tumble and rough boy be fun! Esp if you make Mac babysit. tee hee. This is what my mom calls perfect "revenge". :P

How sweet!! I know, I read that blog too by Beth and was touched!!! Hope you had a GREAT Wednesday!!! :o)

Enjoyed reading all the links. Thanks for posting them. I went to the toy store yesterday and checked out what they have here in this country. I must admit, I was so grateful to have a little boy! Not sure what I would do with all those dolls and bows and beads and pinks. I do hope for a daughter one day but am loving the prospect of raising my son right now. I'm so glad you're doing well! Hard days are normal. You are doing an awesome job and Brennan is blessed to belong to you and Matt. Enjoy your family this weekend!

Now that's a great idea!

I just cannot tell you how much I love reading your blog, Meg. I check it everyday to see if you have posted something! :) I miss you tons. And you are an inspirational newbie mom!!!

I found your blog though Harper's....congrats on your baby!!
Anyways..I just have to know where the monkey outfit on your last post is from!!! Too cute!!!! We call our baby monkey too!! :)

It sounds like you are doing great! Love the links you posted!

Thanks for all the great links! You will be a GREAT mamma! You can hear in your own post how much you desire that already! :)

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