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One Month Later...

To Tide You Over

Hi, folks!  Well, it might be until next week until Miss Julie has a chance to send me the pictures from last weekend.  So to tide you over, here are a few of mine.  But trust me, hers and Mac's are some definite keepers, and I can't wait to see them!

In family news this week:  I have a growing boy!  Oh my goodness, he is long!  We have his one month doctor's appointment next Wednesday, and I just know he's going to be at least 24-26 inches!  Matt's folks, Brennan's Papa and Nana, are coming into town on Saturday to meet the fella, and we're gonna have to do some clothes shoppin'!  <grin> The little boy has outgrown pretty much of all of newborn clothes; his feet are gonna pop out of them footie pj's any second!

One of the questions asked of me (yes, I know, I still need to finish answering those suckers!), was, "Have there been any diaper mishaps?".  Well, by golly, yes there have.  As a matter of fact we had one yesterday!  Fortunately, and I cross my fingers or knock on wood as I type this, we have not had any diaper explosions while in the car seat or while we're out and about.  But my Momma was the first one to get spit up and sprayed on...within the first day he was home.  Then yesterday, in a matter of 30 minutes, I was spit up on, leaked on, and pooped on.  Needless to say, the little stinker was thrown into the tub ASAP...I guess I was due for a shower ASAP as well.  I'm sure I'll have many more stories to tell of diaper mishaps along the way, especially as I leave the house more.  By the way, how tight is too tight for a diaper??  How do you know when he should move up a size?  Uh, have I told you that I have no idea what I'm doing?  Like, uh, seriously, folks!

At least I know how to take pictures of the little guy:

Picture 036
Saturday afternoon at The Domain.  We ate lunch outside at The Steeping Room...of course, where else?

My little turtle man!  Although a little big for him, I couldn't resist putting him in this outfit.

Picture 039 
Pops and Meems babysat for us on Saturday night and so we were able to join this group of fine folk, most of whom my brother and I grew up with, for a nice evening out at Z Tejas. 

Picture 040
This is Oscar, my pseudo second brother, and his precious wife, Candis!  Candis made us the cutest diaper cake, a taggie blanket and a onesie with a "B" on it.  We've sure been blessed and spoiled by their outpouring of love on our family.

Picture 041

A Sunday afternoon nap with Daddy.

Picture 046

Lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  Brennan loves his Aunt Julie and Uncle Mac!

Picture 048 

Picture 054 


I love Turtle Man! That is such a cute picture.

They say a baby wakes up around a month old...what ever that means!

It is ok that you don't know what you don't know what you are doing...neither does your sweet baby...you get to figure him out and he gets to figure you out!

Speaking of figure...you look great in the pics!

Isn't showing off that baby so fun!? I always loved showing off mine. :-)

Diapers - everyone's different, but here's how I decided mine.

I always pull the tabs nice and snug, and got them as close to the middle of the diaper as I could. Once the tabs couldn't be pulled any closer than 2 or so inches apart, they usually stopped holding explosions in, and I moved up a size. But, like I said, that's just how I did it. :-)

Don't worry about not knowing everything! Most of it is trial and error, and just figuring out what works best for YOUR family. The best advice I ever got was to take in all the advice I could, and treat it like different tools in a toolbox. Not every screwdriver fits - just dink around until you find the one that does, but don't toss the others. You might need them for the next baby!

Trust me - you're almost always doing better than you think you are!

God bless!

Yay! Thanks for letting us tag along at dinner! We had a great time with you and Matt. Just wish we could have seen your folks and your little Turtle Man (though I'm sure that time will come soon enough).

Diaper mishaps are a badge of honor if you ask me. Ethne and I had an epic mishap when she was about two weeks old. She pooped three times (diaper off) in the span of about five minutes.

It looks like you had a great time with everyone! And LOVE the turtle outfit - is that Gymboree?

You will just know on the diaper thing, they just won't seem to fit as well and will start leaking - I do the same as Faerylandmom.

So glad you gave us some pics to tide us over--it is sooooo hard to wait! Everyone is so cute holding Brennan --surely he will encourage another cousin to come before long!

Oh, I forgot to mention Daddy & son napping --how sweet is that!

Diapers? I watch the stream up the back. Breastmilk poopies are so loose that they can leak first up the back before leaking out of the legs. So, as the mess regularly gets close to the waist, then we moved up. And if you have a long baby, you may have to move up faster than the weight limit on the diaper! My five week old is almost ready for 2s....

He's such a cutie Meg! I can't wait to meet him! My little guy is always in bigger diapers than he should be according to the weight limits. I know he's ready to move up if it is leaking. Just try it and see. I usually moved up for nighttime before daytime (once he started sleeping through the night and not pooping at night). They do make "diaper doublers" or something like that to put inside the diaper to increase the absorbency for nighttime. I also use cloth for overnight cause they are comfy and more absorbant and so cute!! Might go all cloth with the next one - we'll see . . .

The pictures are great. He is precious.

Too precious!!!! :0)

So good to hear from you on my blog! I anxiously await updates daily from you! I can't wait until we can "do motherhood at the same time"!

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